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A Man in Nevada is Charged for Entering a Casino Without a Mask

A Nevada man-caused frenzy charged with entering a casino without a mask. The 32-year-old man was sitting at the bar at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Lake Tahoe. The unidentified Nevada man received many warnings from security officials. These warnings include to cover his face and put his mask back on or to leave. This is amidst a worldwide pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

This virus causes COVID-19 disease claiming thousands of lives around the world. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for this disease as yet, which makes it hard to manoeuvre socializing because the disease is so infectious.

Nevada COVID-19 regulations

No Masks no Arrest

The governor of the state of Nevada made it clear that mask is a requirement for everyone in public places. The mask prerequisite is an order issued by the World Health Organization (WHO),  is to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. And it is the authorities responsibility to make sure public servants are not in danger. However, it is equally important for the economy to open up and recover.

And driving a greater sense of worry is that Nevada is amid an infection surge at the moment. During a time when the rest of the country has passed the virus peak. Therefore, an incident like this one where a player does not comply with the social distancing measures. It could endanger a lot of people in the process.

Will Nevada Casinos Close?

Las Vegas is the world’s casino capital.  In the report, Ceasars Palace Las Vegas is also on the books of closing part-time. The governor in her own words “I will not hesitate to take swift and decisive actions next week directed at targeted industries or areas … concerning COVID-19 trends and non-compliance,”

This is because businesses are open and allowing people inside. However, there aren’t doing enough inspections and regulations. The state requirements have social distancing orders and hygiene measures.  These include washing hands every 15 minutes. The state is hands-on in enforcing these regulations,  and state inspectors claim only 49 per cent of business currently comply with these measures.

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