casino reopens

America Plans to Reopen Economy

Trump gives the go-ahead for America reopens plans. As a result, Henderson councilwoman gives the go-ahead to open up the economy. She publicly declares the Coronavirus “Mission Accomplished”. This is after the economy was brought to a standstill in fear of the virus causing COVID-19. Now after an over a month of imposed legislative quarantine. […]

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Penn State Gaming

Online Business is Booming

Online businesses boom as digital come to the rescue for many services as global pandemic stops social contact. This is the case with online casinos. Pen National gaming and other casino suppliers are affected by enforced lockdown. This includes business closures and social distancing measures, like everybody else in the world.  Pen National also mentions […]

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Las Vegas

Casino Operators May need Bankruptcy Protection

While most of the world stands still because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Public Recreational places like US Casinos and Hotels are bearing the brunt of social distancing guidelines.  At the moment Americans are officially quarantined by orders from the government. Businesses that don’t offer essential services to start to suffer. For Businesses, the lockdown started […]

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Macau Casino Corona virus

Macau Casino Faces More Loss in April

Macau Casino is China’s largest most lucrative casino and is known as the Las Vegas in the East. The casino’s gross gaming revenue (GRR) is anticipated to take another huge hit. Even worse than the months before when the country was under lockdown. When Macau Casino opened its doors after the outbreak, casino operators were […]

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