Brazil President is Opening country for Investment amidst Corona virus

Brazil casino investments are on the horizon. Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is gearing up to open his country’s economy and borders. An effort to attract investment for casinos and the gambling industry.  This is amidst a worldwide pandemic of the worldwide pandemic that is COVID-19. The coronavirus is the cause of the COVID pandemic, and for the first time in 100 years, people are quarantined to stay indoors and avoid all social activities.

Brazil has now overtaken the United Kingdom as the third-highest infected country.  It is evidently in no position to be opening up its economy. However, the president is adamant that Brazil requires all the help the economy can get.  As a result, he is trying to attract investor attention and singles out casinos. He believes gambling revenue is everything needed for the renewal of the Brazilian economy.

                                      President Brazil

What about the CoronaVirus?

While the threat of the coronavirus persists, scientists and health experts cannot predict when the coronavirus pandemic may come to an end. However, there is an increasing social tolerance growing from restless people all over the world.  Many countries have had to close their borders and stop most economic activity from slowing the infection rate of the virus. Other countries like Italy have poorly been with a devastating more than 31 thousand fatalities in one month alone. At the moment the virus originates in Wuhan, China has spread to every country in the world. The United States of America I currently the epicentre of the virus outbreak. While Brazil is on the way to being number three, it has been in economic.


The worst part of Brazil’s efforts at social distancing and quarantine is that the country is overpopulated. And is known for their high-density areas like the Favela, which makes it almost impossible to social distance.

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