European Blackjack

European blackjack is like the name suggests, a variation of the classic casino game – blackjack. It is one of the two most popular versions of blackjack and features the same low house edge as its counterpart; American blackjack. While there isn’t a major difference between the blackjack variations, the rules to playing European blackjack are slightly different. Here, we explain the rules of European online blackjack, provide you with tips to play European blackjack and a list of the best casinos for blackjack gamblers.

european blackjack

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European Blackjack Rules

As mentioned earlier the rules of European blackjack differ slightly, but essentially the rules have the same structure. The goal or objective of playing online European blackjack is to beat the dealer’s hand. In order to beat the dealer, you will need to acquire a hand equal to 21; or as close to 21 as possible. The original blackjack values are the very same card values in European blackjack too:

  • Cards from two to ten have their face values
  • King, Queen and Jack are valued at ten each
  • The Ace is valued at 11 or one, depending on how it is used

The values explained above are important as they determine whether you have a winning hand or not. If you don’t have a winning hand in the first round, you can choose to do any of the following:

  • Hit – here you request one more card to add to your hand
  • Stand – by opting to stand you choose to keep your hand as is
  • Double down – here, you request to double your wager in order to obtain one more card and choose to Stand
  • Split – when you have two cards with the same value, you can split the cards into two different hands, this will allow you to play each hand for one bet going forward
  • Surrender – here you opt to back out of the round after receiving your cards, you do this to avoid a complete loss

In European blackjack, the ability to surrender is prohibited along with the following disparities:

  • You can only split once
  • You can’t double down if you if you split your hand
  • The dealer doesn’t get a hole card
  • The only cards you can double down on are hard nine, ten or eleven
  • You won’t be able to split cards with the identical blackjack and face values

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Online European Blackjack Tips

The following are tips the can be used by beginners and seasoned gamblers to increase your chances of winning, however, these tips will not guarantee a win.

  • Read up on blackjack strategies to increase your odds of winning
  • Avoid taking insurance
  • Its advisable not split pairs of tens, this includes the jack, king and queen
  • Don’t split a pair of eights
  • While 16 is probably the worse hand you could be dealt, gamblers don’t Hit again when they are dealt 16

Now that you know about European blackjack you can test your new gambling knowledge at top casinos featured on River Nile. For more tips on how to play Blackjack, read our guides.