Online Keno 2019

If you enjoy games of chance then online keno is for you. Similar to the lotto and bingo; keno involves drawing random numbers and relating the numbers to those selected by the gambler. The origination of the casino game can be traced to China in the age of the Han Dynasty. Keno has survived more than 3000 years and remains a beloved game by gamblers across the globe, especially in the USA. To learn more about keno online, reasons to play this great game, keno rules and tips; plus, a list of top US casinos to play keno – keep reading!

Play Online Keno USA

Best US Casinos for Keno Gamblers

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Reasons to Play Keno Online

Online keno is pretty easy to play, as mentioned earlier the game is similar to playing lotto and bingo. In fact, the game play is based heavily on live keno; with the only significant difference is that gamblers play by themselves rather than against each other. In addition, the house edge in keno online is theoretically 25% to 40%; this will vary from casino to casino though.

Online Keno Rules

The rules of keno online US are simple to understand. The aim of the game is to mark off all the spots on your card, keno grid, in the fastest time. Keno doesn’t fall into the category of casino games that require skills like poker. All you need to do to enjoy a game of keno online is to follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a keno game
  2. Pick your numbers from the keno grid
  3. Decide on your wager
  4. Wait for the numbers to be selected

reasons to play keno online

Play Online Keno for Real Money with these Tips

As with all other tips for playing online casino games, these will not guarantee a win but rather improve your chances of winning. Below are our expert tips that we recommend you implement:

  • Play for Free before you play for Real Money.
  • Find a Casino which has a great maximum payout.
  • Choose an Online Casino with a Fantastic Welcome Bonus.
  • Don’t select too many numbers.
  • Consider the Odds.
  • Don’t stick to the same numbers all the time.
  • Use Multi-Race Cards.
  • Place your Bets Wisely.
  • Manage Your Bankroll in a clever way.

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