Online Roulette Guide: Learn to Play Roulette Online for Real Money

Online Roulette is a casino game that has been around in the gambling industry for a very long time, and US players find it enjoyable to play.

Most online casinos, if not all of them offer this game to their players. Roulette online may be modelled from the brick and mortar version of the game but playing online is more fun. The online version has a few variations that American players can choose to play. Enjoy casino roulette from the conform of your home and anywhere else when playing on your smartphone.

Like most of the casino games that you find at online casinos, when you know the basic rules, then you are ready to play roulette.

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Roulette How to Play Rules

As a casino player, you have to understand the basics of casino online roulette. There are rules that you must adhere to when playing roulette whether you are a new or an experienced player.

The basic objective of roulette games online is to wager on the outcome of the roulette ball that is spun inside the roulette wheel. Wagers are made on the roulette table where the numbers and colours of the roulette wheel are reflected.

The roulette wheel has number slots from 1 to 36. There is also the green slot for the zero that gives the house or casino the edge. A roulette can also have double zeros, and this variation is called American roulette. You can read about it below.

Roulette Variations ā€“ Free Roulette Games Online

There are different versions of real money roulette online for USA players to enjoy. Below are just a few popular variations of the best online roulette games they are available at most online casinos. Learn how to play Roulette with our guides.

American Roulette

The Americans wanted their version of Roulette and decided to add a double zero on the wheel even though the wheel already has a zero. This decision to add the double zero gives the casino the house edge which means it reduces the chances of you winning.

European Roulette

This version of Roulette is easy to learn and play once you understand how the roulette online game works. As a result, European Roulette is very popular all over the world and in America. The game has one zero, unlike the American version. European Roulette includes the numbers 1 to 36 which is half red and half black.

French Roulette

The table for the French Roulette is different from the European and American variations. French Roulette has the best roulette odds as compared to the other versions. The casino game features the green zero and 13 black and red coloured numbers each.

Live Online Roulette

Live Roulette is for US players who want to enjoy the thrill of playing at a land-based casino but from the comfort of their home. The live roulette casino game is available for play over live streaming where players can interact with a live dealer.

play on online roulette table and wheel

Play Real Money Online Roulette: Online Roulette Tips

Whether you are new or an experienced when it comes to roulette, some tips can help you understand the game better. We have put together just a few of the online roulette tips to guide you.

Play at the best roulette sites ā€“ Choose to play at roulette casino sites that accredited and safe. We have listed some of the best online casinos for US players to play roulette.

Manage your real money online roulette bankroll – It is advisable that you manage how much money you will be spending on playing online roulette and stick to it. Be a responsible online gambler, and you will enjoy casino gaming.

Research the best roulette odds – Donā€™t dive head first into the first online roulette game you come across. Instead, find out what are the odds of you winning the game; so, you can make an informed decision about which games are better for you.

Know the online roulette strategy – There are a few betting strategies for playing the best online roulette games. These approaches are meant to help you win against the dealer. However, they do not guarantee a win.

Play free online Roulette – We suggest playing free roulette. Playing the game without spending money means that you can try different ways to play the game until you find the one that works for you

Play European Roulette – This version has a single zero which means that the odds are better than the other versions. It also means that the house edge is not as big which gives you more chances to win the game.

FAQs About Casino Online Roulette

How many times can a player enjoy online roulette for free?

There is no set limit for how long you can play a free roulette game. Feel free to enjoy the game as much as you want because that is the only way you can improve your skills and be ready to play for real money.

How can a Player start to enjoy online roulette for real money?

Register a real money profile and casino account with a reputable online casino. Deposit money into the account then choose online Roulette from the casino lobby and start playing.

Do any of the roulette strategies work?

Online roulette is a casino game of luck, and even when you use strategies, there is no guarantee of winning. The online roulette strategy only helps you improves your winning chances.