Macau Casino Corona virus

Macau Casino Faces More Loss in April

Macau Casino is China’s largest most lucrative casino and is known as the Las Vegas in the East. The casino’s gross gaming revenue (GRR) is anticipated to take another huge hit. Even worse than the months before when the country was under lockdown. When Macau Casino opened its doors after the outbreak, casino operators were […]

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Kobe Bryant Tragedy Stops Two Sportsbooks

Kobe Bryant dies tragically and leaves NBA betting menus at a temporary standstill in his honour. The basketballer had legendary status after being in the NBA for over twenty years. Kobe is the NBA’s fourth-highest scorer of all time. He holds almost every accolade from the NBA. His wife and three children survive the forty-one-year-old […]

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Tennessee sports betting bill

Tennessee Opens Door towards Legal Online Sports Betting; Regulations in Progress

Tennessee sports betting is officially introduced for review. An announcement made by Tennessee’s Lottery revealed that there are drafts in place for the proposal of sports wagering regulations. The drafts indicate that the state is almost ready to implement laws that will make online sports betting legal. This makes Tennessee the first state to legalize […]

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Canadian Study Findings

Canadian Study Proves Gambler’s Fallacy & Overspending Increases When Alcohol is Involved

A new Canadian study focused on gambling while drunk has revealed conclusive findings into chasing losses and Gambler’s Fallacy. Through a University of British Colombia (UBC) study, scientists have proven that alcohol affects judgement when gambling. Many frequent players will know about this and it seems that staying sober is better for your pocket. Researchers at […]

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