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How do I win at Blackjack?

How to win at Blackjack

Charlie | October 21, 2020 | Updated on: May 17th, 2024Are you a blackjack enthusiast wondering how do I win at blackjack? Well look no further we share all the little tips and tricks to help you achieve just that.  The first thing to take note of is that with Blackjack you will be playing […]

DraftKings Sports Betting is Official – Become an Official Operator for The PGA Tour

Charlie | July 30, 2020 | Updated on: May 17th, 2024DraftKings sports betting is on the horizon. DraftKings makes history by becoming the first casino operator to offer golf sports betting. The operator officially sponsors the PGA tour. This new deal will give Draftking unlimited access to the PGA tour, including all the trademarks and […]

Illinois Governor Stops Mobile Sports Betting

Illinois sports betting

Charlie | July 28, 2020 | Updated on: May 17th, 2024Mobile sports betting takes a dramatic turn in the state of Illinois. The state’s governor J.B Pritzker changed the requirements of registration for mobile sports betting. The new prerequisites will need players to apply at a local casino before they can play. Therefore, in Illinois […]

Louisiana Casinos Face Financial Trouble Over Coronavirus

Louisiana casino go through retrenchments

Charlie | July 9, 2020 | Updated on: May 17th, 2024Louisiana casinos are in the midst of economic woes because of huge financial losses caused by the coronavirus. According to the states leading newspaper the Lafayette daily newspaper, there are over five casinos retrenching employees. The casinos filed notices for over 3500 employees with the […]

UK Casino Industry is Frustrated at Government

UK casinos remain close post coronavirus

Charlie | June 26, 2020 | Updated on: May 17th, 2024UK casinos are disgruntled at the United Kindom government because of how the government has been handling lockdown rules. Prime Minister of England Boris Johnson is reluctant on opening up the casino sector since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak in his country. The outbreak in England […]