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Do Scratchers Ever Win?

Yes, lottery scratchers win, but your odds of hitting the highest jackpot vary because each roll of cards has a specific number of winners. Lottery scratchers are distributed in large rolls, and each roll has specific odds.

When you play scratch tickets, your prizes will depend on these rolls and the capped jackpot. Since most scratch ticket competitions are capped at $1 million, your odds of getting the top prize decrease. Let’s look at how it works and how you can win on scratch cards.


How Lottery Scratchers Work

How Lottery Scratchers Work

When you buy a ticket from a local retailer, you’re taking a chance on winning money. Scratchers are a game of chance, so the tickets available are not guaranteed a big win.

Still, you can claim smaller wins directly from the retailer, but the lottery pays out anything over a certain amount. If you want to win more, most experts recommend buying multiple scratch cards from different rolls.

But it would help if you still aimed for the higher prizes when you purchase tickets, avoid the smaller jackpots at all costs. The best way to do it is to read up on the information from your local lottery provider and note the price of each ticket.

Can I Check If My Scratch Card Is A Winner Online?

Yes, you can check if your scratcher is a big winner online for some state lotteries if you don’t want to leave your home. Most cards can be scanned through the official app, and you will be notified if you got a cash prize.

You can purchase these state lottery instant win tickets online through the official website:

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Virginia

You can log into the website to check if your card is a winner or not in all states where lotteries are legal.

Top Tips to Winning Scratchers

Everyone is looking for easy wins these days, so why not take the time to find the right lottery ticket? We’ve compiled the most useful tips to help you win more, if not more often, below.

  1. Don’t buy the cheapest scratchers – there are plenty of options at the store, so you need to choose carefully. Aim for the highest prize pools with the best price to ensure a big win.
  2. Check The Small Print on Your Card – the fine print is where you’ll discover your winning odds and how it’s paid out to winning players.
  3. Buy multiple tickets if you can – buying multiple cards improves your odds when you play a real money game, so get at least five from a roll.
  4. Play the game like slots – watch out for wins on your brand of tickets to ensure that you’re avoiding the long dry spell. Or, ask the vendor if there have been any wins lately before you buy.
  5. Keep old tickets – always keep your losing cards if you missed a detail while playing. Then check the card online for any other prizes.
  6. Submit all losing tickets – hand in your old tickets for an official check in case you missed a combination, or there was a printing error.
  7. Study available scratch cards – the layout and design of most cards can have a pattern you could exploit to win more cash.
  8. Stick with your budget – don’t go all-in in one shopping trip; try to space out your card purchases to multiple retailers to improve your odds.
  9. Choose One Game to Play – stick to a game you’re comfortable with, especially if you’ve noticed a pattern in the prizes and combinations.
Top Tips to Winning Scratchers


So, Do Scratchers Ever Win?

Yes, most scratchers win because they’re instant prize games meant to simulate the luck of the draw. Every player has equal chances of winning by playing and claiming cash prizes when they play at a gas station, convenience store, or online.

However, you can still lose if you don’t hit a match on any ticket, even if the game recently launched. These games of chance offer a chance to win, but there’s no guarantee of the jackpot being won.

Still, you can play today and see if the big win is claimed at a lucky retailer near you!