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DraftKings Becomes First Casino to Offer Mobile Casino Gaming

DraftKings in Virginia becomes a pioneer and enters the mobile casino gaming world. The gambling entertainment organization officially joined the Internet casino world this past Wednesday.

The West Virginian lottery state official announced on their approval of this decision.  Allowing the organization to join the lottery. And other official sports entertainment online.

This comes as no surprise. As the Boston based entertainment and gaming company have always been above the edge and futuristic. The official rolling out of this iGaming program kicked off on Wednesday.

DraftKings casino

Online Casino Gaming Legal in West Virginia

In 2019, The Interactive Wagering Act has legalized the highly contentious online gambling. So,the state of West Virginia was one of the first to apply new laws to allow online gambling.

The Lottery Director of West Virginia Mr. John Myers issued a statement excited about the outcome of legalization. He expressed that the state is ready and looking forward to the possibilities of online gambling. Mainly the economic benefits of casino revenue. Which includes Internet casinos and their affiliate providers.

DraftKing and its casinos are a huge American entertainment brand affiliated with a few brands. Including Hollywood casinos at Charles Town Races.

Hollywood Casino has already progressed to mobile apps for IOS and Android devices. These are all huge strides towards countrywide legalizing of Internet casinos.

Casino App for Stand Alone Casino

West Virginia is not the only place DraftKings is making a huge impact. As a result, the organization is also infiltrating a market in New Jersey. Plans to launch their first standalone casino app there. The company announced the launch on the 23d of June.

The DraftKings sportsbook contains a few casino games. The company announced its gaming selection in 2018. The standalone Internet casino app will be different in that it features more games from different providers like IGT and Slingo.

The Internet casino app boasts some exciting features including live casino games and a sportsbook. The president of DraftKings was happy to announce the success of the New Jersey app. Expressing that the organizations dedicated to excellence and innovation.

Its recent casino app was in Pennsylvania after establishing a sportsbook app in Keystone.

The Next Internet Casino App

As the infiltration of the Internet casino world continues. DraftKings sets its sights on the state of Michigan. The state’s legislature has recently legalized online gambling. However, It seems that online gambling regulations are not ready just yet.

According to the state’s gambling board. The development process of online gambling regulations is the only delay in the process.

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