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Gambling Addiction Help

rivernilecasin | January 1, 2019 | Updated on: June 8th, 2021

Gambling Addiction ExplainedGambling addiction is an unfortunate part of casino gambling that US players have to be wary of. Now and then you hear of gambling addiction stories about an American gambler, each tale more gruesome than the previous.

We’ve compiled this gambling addiction guide to expand on how family members can detect players addicted to gambling. If early detection of gambling addiction can be encouraged, players can receive the help they need much.

What is Gambling Addiction? Gambling Addiction Explained

The most basic gambling addiction definition suggests that it is when a player frequents a casino – both online and offline – to a degree where it becomes detrimental to him. It is the helplessness to control the impulse to bet on something.

Gambling addicts often exceed the scope of casino games, seldom betting with their assets. There are dire consequences of gambling addiction. Thus, it is wise to differentiate which gambling addict you’re dealing with.

Signs of Gambling Addiction

There are three classic gambling addicts,  each having distinct characteristics that mark their behavior. There’re categories of gamblers addicted to playing casino games listed below:

  • Problem Gambler – This is probably the first stage of concern when a player gambles for long periods of time and has to make up stories to dissuade suspicions from their loved ones. It is not yet excessive; however, it starts to affect the plays routine and way of life.
  • Binge Gambler – A binge gambler is defined as a player that gambles once in a while. They have periods where they do not undertake any gambling activities. The problem lies once they do decide to gamble. Binge gamblers tend to play with large sums of money and do not accept defeat.
  • Compulsive Gambler – The worst of the lot, compulsive gamblers represent those players with the incapacity to control their gambling urges. They are overwhelmed by the impulse to gamble even when they do not have to funds to do so. They typically use anything and anyone to satisfy that impulse, with losses generally leaving the player in a bad financial and sometimes mental state.
Gambling Addiction Help

How to Deal with Gambling Addiction

The world is flooded with gambling establishments, and since online gambling is legal, you may have a gambler in your home too. Now that you are able to discern between the different types of gambling addicts, you can find out the avenues to take to help a player. There are individual steps that a player can take once they feel like their gambling habits are a bit excessive. Here’s a list of effective steps to help a gambling addict:

  • Self-Exclusion from the casino
  • Medical Treatment and Professional help
  • Third-Party Exclusion

Problem Gambling Support for Americans

There are dedicated organizations and professionals that deal with the scourge of gambling addiction in the United States of America. They provide around the clock help and can be reached on the following platforms:

So, don’t hesitate to contact the organizations and get the help that you need if you or anyone you know fits the criteria listed above.

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