Tips for New Players 2019

New players can sometimes find the online gambling terrain difficult to navigate. At times the number of online casinos available are to blame. New players are not necessarily novice gamblers, sometimes these include players that are new to the online gambling market. Whether you are new to online gaming or new to gambling as a whole you are likely to have many questions. Which one should you choose? Are there casinos that cater to new players? All these questions can bombard you! Luckily, we’ve put together ten top tips for new players; plus, a list of great casinos that are tailored for new US gamblers.

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Best US Casinos for New Players

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Top 10 Tips for New Players

We want your online gambling journey to be easy, exciting and full of enormous wins. By keeping the following tips in mind you’re sure to achieve just that!

1. Choose the right casino

The first step in your online gambling adventure is without a doubt choosing a casino that is trustworthy, reputable and licensed. We recommend you read as much casino reviews as possible to make certain that your casino of choice is worth your sign up. The casino should include exciting bonuses and a great combination of slots and classic table games.

2. Make use of free play and demo mode

The right casino will provide you with many opportunities to test their casino games in free play or demo mode. Be sure to take advantage of this feature as it will allow you to get to know the game and understand the gameplay before placing real money bets.

3. Up the ante with Real money wagers

Once you are comfortable with the casino games and found the games that pique your interest the most, you can up the ante by placing real money wagers. Real money bets will give you a greater opportunity to win real cash!

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4. Learn the different banking methods and choose the best one

Casino banking and funding your real money casino account is always a cause for concern for new players and seasoned gamblers. Therefore, we advise that you read through all the banking methods offered by the casino and choose the one most suited to your needs without compromising your safety.

5. Single out the high payout games

You will notice that not all casino games are created equal and that some are volatile with little rewards while some are unpredictable with major payouts and some are just, well boring. Find the casinos that provide excitement along with rich payouts. Be on the lookout for the progressive jackpot games too!

6. Make use of welcome bonus and other promotional offers

Online casinos are fond of bonuses and promotions. Be sure to take advantage of these as they boost your bankroll. However, take note of the wagering requirements before participating.

7. Manage your bankroll

The excitement and thrill of online gambling can sometimes make you forget about your bankroll. Proper management of your bankroll will ensure that you don’t find yourself in unnecessary debt.

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8. Take advantage of the casino’s loyalty/VIP programme

Don’t make the misconception that new players can’t join loyalty programmes. Loyalty or VIP programmes offer plenty of benefits. While you will need to climb the ranks or tiers of these programmes there’s nothing stopping you from doing it on your first spin!

9. Know when to stop

Exercise caution and control on your spending habits and gambling. Don’t bet what you don’t have. Always set a limit for yourself and utilize the numerous resource available if you feel that you may have a gambling problem.

10. Invite friends and have fun

While this may be a given, having fun is sometimes blurred by your inability to control your gambling habits. Always remember gambling and online gambling at the core is relaxation and leisure. Sometimes online casinos offer a referral bonus when you invite a friend to join, definitely take advantage of this feature as it will allow you to gamble with your friends no matter where in the US you might be.

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