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Illinois Governor Stops Mobile Sports Betting

Mobile sports betting takes a dramatic turn in the state of Illinois. The state’s governor J.B Pritzker changed the requirements of registration for mobile sports betting.

The new prerequisites will need players to apply at a local casino before they can play. Therefore, in Illinois players have to go and open an account at  Land of Lincoln casino. Above all, mobile sports betting and bettors will not be able to do it from the convenience of their mobiles.  This is all under a new order that wants casinos and racetracks to join together.

This means all aspiring sports bettors must have a casino account. This new law is a move is towards advanced sports betting technology. Which is a bold move in the casino industry. It was pioneered by the famous casino giant DraftKings. Who obtained a sports betting license just recently. Casinos have chosen to open up the doors of online gambling and online sports betting. This is after the devastating effects of a long lockdown period because of the coronavirus.

Sports Books in Illinois

At the moment, the state of Illinois only has two active sportsbooks. Namely, BetRivers and DraftKings. This brick-and-mortar casino provider was the first actually to have mobile apps. DraftKings has a huge market in the Chicago area. Their standalone casino in the suburbia area Alton attracts up to 10 million visitors in one month. In addition, the online variation of the casino collects up to 2 million visitors. A far cry from the original casino footprint before coronavirus pandemic.

What’s more, to get a bigger footprint at casinos now that they have reopened. The governor wants all sports bettors to go to the casino for signing up. The Illinois board issued a sports betting license but counted down 18 months till they would be available. But this did not include a provision for online casinos.


Illinois sports betting

All Casinos in Illinois Will Benefit

According to Pritzker’s new decision, existing casinos should not be left behind by the digitization of casinos. This is why the governor insists on casinos and sportsbooks collaborate. This is a good move towards rescuing the business interests of casinos.

Every single casino will have to partner up with a sportsbook organization. Similar to how the majority of online casinos are operated. Casino sites offer their sports betting on the same forum. Therefore, players can find all their wagering and gambling needs from one place.

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