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Is Online Poker Actually Rigged?

No, online poker is not rigged, even if it feels that way when you lose a lot. Simply put, poker online is not rigged because poker sites can’t afford the bad reputation.

Everyone wants to play the star-studded game, so it makes no sense to tick off potential customers through shady practices. However, the same can’t be said for smaller websites, so it’s wise to be wary.

Is Online Poker Actually Rigged?

So, Is It Rigged?

Most of the claims for rigged online poker come from the “mathematically improbable setups” and “bad beats” in the game. For example, two aces versus two kings or a player beating you with two pairs on the river.

But any player who has been learning the game knows that this goes both ways eventually. It’s part of the game, and there’s no way to change it.

Another common complaint is that players with more chips (big stacks) have an advantage because the site rigs outcomes in their favor. Or that there are other forms of cheating happening, like bots and superusers.

Most of the time, the arguments for rigging are what we’d call hearsay based on bad luck.

Why Online Poker Is Not Rigged

So, where’s the concrete evidence that online poker isn’t rigged? We’ve got a few reasons, but we’ll start with the obvious.

Every online poker site has to hold a valid license to operate, which means keeping things fair. Essentially, the site is monitored closely to prevent any fraud and keep things above board. Poker sites face a lot of backlash if they violate the license, including large fines and a blacklist spot.

Plus, they have to keep gameplay records, which you can download, to prove that each hand was fair. Any discrepancies in wins and hands would be caught immediately by regulators and players. Thus, the financial incentive to play fair far outweighs potential profits from cheating.

With that said, we recommend looking for legit sites carefully through reading reviews and player forums. But, be wary of angry players threatening to sue; they’re not always reliable witnesses.