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Las Vegas Room Rates Break Records Thanks to Resort Fees Being Publicized

Las Vegas room rates are at a yearly high thanks to resort fees and new legislation to make them publicly advertised. According to reports, the yearly average increased from US$132.87 to US$143.35 in 2019. This increase is based on city-wide occupancy and Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) research. Reportedly, the nightly rates are higher than advertised due to the hidden resort fees. These fees will soon have to be added into all advertisements.

According to the LVCVA, the increase in occupancy is due to conventions. On average, weekly rooms are 89.2% occupied, while weekends show a 91.5% occupancy. Many Las Vegas casinos are benefiting from convention attendance. Gross gaming revenue has increased in Clark County to 3%, while the Strip boasts 2.35%.

Las Vegas Room Rates USA

Vegas Room Rates Increase Revenue

When guests check into their rooms, casino operators are making more money because of hidden resort fees. Research by the LVCVA shows that the fees are up to $45 per day. Standard suites at the Venetian claim to cost $882.72 with an extra $118.11 in room taxes. This brings up the Vegas room rates to $1000.83, but resort fees add another $153.06. This brings the total to a staggering $1153.89. So, many patrons end up reasonably upset.

The $153 mark up covers fitness facilities, phone calls, Wi-Fi, and access to a news app. So, the average room rates for the Venetian is higher than what they reported to the LVCVA. In total, that’s $51.02, or $45 with tax. Here’s the report comparing 2003 to 2019:

Casino Resort Fee 2003 vs. 2019 

  1. Bellagio $20 to $45
  2. Caesars Palace $0 to $45
  3. MGM Grand $20 to $37
  4. Monte Carlo $15 to $37 (now Park MGM)
  5. Rio $0 to $35
  6. Stratosphere $7.50 to $35
  7. Venetian/Palazzo $17 to $45
  8. Wynn/Encore $20 to $45

Backlash Against Resort Fees

Many visitors to Las Vegas are furious about hidden costs and locals are equally unhappy. By continuing to increase the fees and Vegas room rates, casino operators are alienating prospective visitors. While they benefit from conventions, other tourists could choose not to visit anymore. Current lawsuits filed by the Nebraska and DC Attorney Generals are calling for Vegas room rates to include the fees in advertising. We’ll be keeping tabs on possible legislation.

So, keep visiting for updates and the latest casino news.

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