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Long Lines Spotted at US Casinos as Economy Slowly Reopens

US casinos reopen amind the COVID-19 pandemic’s peak period, and the public is ready to resume ordinary life. At the moment, hundreds of Americans are driving across state lines.  And for long distances just to visit their nearest casinos. The queues outside of casinos are long and full, creating risky conditions for the coronavirus infection.

Social distancing is still a requirement that should still be observed. Especially now that more people will be outside again in the 1918 pandemic of the Spanish Flu, where over 5 million people died. The most amount of deaths happened in during the second wave after people grew tired of the first quarantine period.

The instant relief of being outside for the first time after a long time caused people to search for instant satisfaction. History has shown us that precaution is the best way to go about the first wave of a pandemic.

US Casinos Reopen


Rise of Gambling Activity

US casinos reopen and the masses gather. Psychological experts debate whether the long queues outside of casinos indicate a deeper problem like gambling addiction. However, the counter-argument could be that extended periods in quarantine has built pent up demand for most people.

While this could be the case, it is unlikely because as brick and mortar establishments were disrupted and shut down over national lockdown regulations. Their online counterparts replaced them, and since the legalization of online casinos, they have become entirely sophisticated and safe. For many people, it is a better option to remain at home and in lockdown.

Consequences Expected When US Casinos Reopen

However, experts predict it is only a fleeting and a result of newfound freedom.  People will settle into lockdown routine very soon. The other apparent cause for the long queues outside of casinos s the 50% capacity limit.

Therefore, this means people will naturally wait outside to be given a turn. Only time will tell how far the restrictions will prohibit mass gathering and what the implication will continue to be on gamblers wanting to go inside their favourite casinos.

At the moment, the world’s biggest gambling district Nevada is gearing up for reopening as well. The casino central has not been opened for over three months, which is the first time in the history of Las Vegas. US Casinos reopen and other businesses follow suit, only time will tell if this decision will pay off.

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