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Massachusetts Gaming Commission Reconsiders Opening Casinos

Massachusetts is one of the states gearing up to reopen the states only casinos after a long closure over the COVID-19 pandemic. A Massachusetts Gaming Commission meeting was scheduled for Friday June 11 to discuss the logistics of the reopening of casinos.

However, the plans are taking a backseat because of breakout protests in America. This is over the brutal murder of George Floyd. Governor Charlie Baker predicts the reopening of casinos will only happen in the third phase of the coronavirus lockdown.

The coronavirus pandemic which broke out in early January has had a huge impact on the world. Leaving many industries stranded when they closed doors. In Massachusetts, the three casinos in the state closed.

Losing revenue and in the process and many people suffering from retrenchments and economic loss.  So although there is no cure or vaccine to the virus. The pressure to resume economic activity is on everyone as many Americans need to provide for their families.

Massachusetts Gaming Commission Reconsiders Casinos


Massachusetts Gaming Commission Preparing for Opening Interrupted

Unfortunately preparing for the reopening of casinos might be the least priority at the moment. According to many, there are two pandemics in America. First is COVID-19 and the other one being racism. The death of George Floyd, an African American man at the hands of the American police force of four men.

The deceased’s last words “I can’t breathe” tucked at the hearts of many people around the world. Thus, creating a ripple effect and inciting countywide protests with the hashtag “Black Lives Matter”.

Protests ranging from peaceful to destructive causing looting at big chain stores like the cheesecake factory and Louis Vuitton. Because of the movement, Massachusets heads of states, celebrities and people with various platforms of influence are joining and creating an impact.

Public Outcry Over Violence

While the publicity over George Floyd’s is because it was recorded on camera. Many people are using this time as introspection, George Floyd was an act caught on camera. It is beckoning how much more is happening in real life with no camera footage to capture.

While American legislation was preparing for reopening the previous week, bracing the task of decisive action against structural racism and criminalizing racist acts. It is not yet certain what issue Massachusets will prioritize at this point.

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