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Best Live Baccarat Casinos

best live casino baccaratLive Baccarat allows gamblers in America to play this classic casino game from the comfort of their home, while enjoying the atmosphere of a land-based casino. When playing Baccarat live, it allows players to enjoy the convenience of online casinos, while still providing some of the social interaction missing from casinos on the web.

This gaming experience is no longer limited to James Bond and the rich because even players like yourself can enjoy it online. Advanced technology allows you to have the land-based experience without leaving the comfort of your house. What’s more three are variations such as the Punto Banco to play as a live dealer baccarat game.

If Baccarat is a game you have enjoyed online, or in a casino, and you are wondering if you should try your hand at the live baccarat game online then keep reading our guide below. You will be able to understand how the game works, how to play and the benefits of playing the game live and online.  Find out if it’s something you might enjoy.

Top  Live Baccarat Casinos

  1. High Country Casino
    Star Rating
    98% Player Rating
    500% Up To$2500 Sign-up Bonus
    T&Cs Apply
  2. Slots of Vegas Casino
    Star Rating
    97% Player Rating
    250% Up To$2500 Sign-up Bonus
    T&Cs Apply
  3. Irish Luck
    Star Rating
    96% Player Rating
    300%Match Sign-up Bonus
    T&Cs Apply
  4. Ruby Slots Casino
    95% Player Rating
    250% Up To$2500 Sign-up Bonus
    T&Cs Apply
  5. BoVegas Casino
    Star Rating
    94% Player Rating
    300% Up To$6000 & 25 free spins
  6. Cafe Casino
    Star Rating
    93% Player Rating
    100% Up To$5500 Sign-up Bonus
    T&Cs Apply
  7. Old Havana
    Star Rating
    92% Player Rating
    250% Up To$2500 Sign-up Bonus
  8. Las Vegas USA
    Star Rating
    91% Player Rating
    400% Up To$5000 Sign-up Bonus
    T&Cs Apply
  9. DomGame
    Star Rating
    90% Player Rating
    300%Match Sign-up Bonus
  10. Planet 7 Casino
    Star Rating
    89% Player Rating
    100% Up To$4000+120 free spins
    T&Cs Apply
  11. Drake Casino
    91% Player Rating
    300% Up To$3000 Sign-up Bonus
    T&Cs Apply
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How to Play Baccarat Online Live

As mentioned above, the actual gameplay of live dealer baccarat is the same as the Baccarat game played at an actual casino or an online casino.

  1. Players will choose whether they want to bet on their own hand to win, or the banker’s hand.
  2. Once they have made their bets, the dealer will draw their cards.
  3. Then the rules of the game determine whether a third card is drawn or not.

It’s a very simple game to play, as players just need to decide which hand they bet on. After that, they sit back and wait to see who wins.

What is It?

Live baccarat game online is simply the live dealer version of the famous casino game. It allows players to play from home via live video streaming where you will be able to interact with the live casino baccarat dealer. It is identical to online baccarat; the only difference is the live element. The same basic rules and methods of play are used to play baccarat online live.

With live baccarat online, you are playing against the live dealer and viewing the game results in real-time. The dealer will also shuffle the cards unlike the automated game on online baccarat.

Why Should I Play Casino Baccarat in Real-Time?

So, why should you choose live dealer baccarat online over the digital version casino sites? Well, there are a few advantages when players choose to play it. However, there are no massive differences and whether the advantages appeal to a player is all down to personal preference. The benefits are as follows:

  1. Players will get to interact with a real dealer, and sometimes, other players.
  2. The game uses real casino equipment and doesn’t rely on a random number generator. This is great for those players who don’t fully trust the computerized game.
  3. Due to the interaction with the dealer and players, this version is more social.
  4. Also, it has a slower pace, which better recreates the game in a real casino. This can also allow players to plan their bets better.
play baccarat online live

Live Baccarat FAQs

Are live baccarat games available on mobile?

Yes, they are available; however, there will very few sites that allow players to play baccarat in real-time on mobile.

Is there an option to play free live dealer baccarat online?

Unfortunately, there is no live baccarat for free because of the cost that goes into making video streaming and playing possible. However, there are sample live videos where you will be able to get a glimpse of the experience and environment.

What variations of the live dealer baccarat are available?

Each real-time streaming casino will offer their own variations of casino baccarat. However, some of the types that you will find will the Chemin de Fer, Mini-Baccarat with a smaller table and fewer people and French baccarat.

Are the odds for a live dealer baccarat game online different?

No, they are not different from that of the automated online baccarat game. The only difference comes from the casino that you have chosen to play at because they vary from casino to casino.

Are there any strategies to play live baccarat online?

Yes, however, like any game strategy they are not full proof and don’t guarantee wins. After all, baccarat strategies are only meant to maximize your chances of winning.

Is online baccarat live dealer fair?

Only if you play at a live casino that has been proven to be safe and regulated. There are external auditors that monitor casinos for fairness. In addition, these external auditors will do regular checks to make sure that that game stays fair.

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