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Perfect Pairs Blackjack – Rules, Payout & Strategy

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Everybody loves winning something extra at online casinos, and Perfect Pairs blackjack is one of those exciting games. While it works exactly like standard online blackjack, the game features a new side bet.

If you’re interested in playing this version of the game, keep reading our guide to learn more. We’ve listed everything you need to know, plus the premium online casinos offering it.

Best Perfect Pairs Blackjack Online Casinos

  1. High Country Casino
    98% Player Rating
    500% Up To$2500 Sign-up Bonus
    T&Cs Apply
  2. Slots of Vegas Casino
    97% Player Rating
    250% Up To$2500 Sign-up Bonus
    T&Cs Apply
  3. Irish Luck
    96% Player Rating
    300%Match Sign-up Bonus
    T&Cs Apply
  4. Ruby Slots Casino
    95% Player Rating
    250% Up To$2500 Sign-up Bonus
    T&Cs Apply
  5. BoVegas Casino
    94% Player Rating
    300% Up To$6000 & 25 free spins
  6. Cafe Casino
    93% Player Rating
    100% Up To$5500 Sign-up Bonus
    T&Cs Apply
  7. Old Havana
    92% Player Rating
    250% Up To$2500 Sign-up Bonus
  8. Las Vegas USA
    91% Player Rating
    400% Up To$5000 Sign-up Bonus
    T&Cs Apply
  9. DomGame
    90% Player Rating
    300%Match Sign-up Bonus
  10. Planet 7 Casino
    89% Player Rating
    100% Up To$4000+120 free spins
    T&Cs Apply

What’s Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

Generally, this is a version of blackjack that features the Perfect Pairs side bet. This bet is made on the possibility of a pair of cards of the same value being dealt out.

The types of pairs include identical cards of the same rank and suit. Next is a pair of cards of the same color and a pair of mixed suits/colors.

What’s Perfect Pairs Blackjack?


Essential Game Rules

Besides the pair side bet, you can expect the same rules as regular blackjack games, including:

  1. First, you can place an insurance bet on your hand, though we don’t recommend it;
  2. The dealer has to draw on 16 but stand on a card total of 17;
  3. Split hands can never be split again by players;
  4. When splitting aces, you only receive one more card;
  5. The dealer can peek for blackjack at any time on their hole card (face-down);
  6. Games are typically played with six decks of cards;
  7. Tied blackjacks will push until someone wins;
  8. You can double down at any time;
  9. Lastly, you can play multiple hands through virtual games, but not at live casinos.

How to Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack

When you play the game, you’ll follow some basic steps, which we’ve outlined below:

  • Firstly, you’ll need to select your chip size and place it in the correct section of the table.
  • Then, you need to press deal or wait for your original cards to be dealt out.
  • You’ll see one of the dealer’s cards at all times, but one will always be face down.
  • Based on the up-card, you can then decide on your next move:
    • Hit – you receive another card from the deck;
    • Stand – you choose to stick with your current hand;
    • Double Down – you can double your bet if you’re confident of a win;
    • Split – if you receive a pair, you can choose to split it and make two hands for an extra wager.
  • When your hand is as close to 21 as possible, you can finish your turn by hitting the stand button.
  • Then, it’s the dealer’s turn, and you’ll find out which hands win the round.
How to Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Bets, Payouts & Odds

Perfect Pairs blackjack features a house edge of 0.42%, which influences your winnings in the game. Still, it’s pretty generous if you’re lucky enough to land a pair in the game.

Perfect Pair25 to 1
Color Pair12 to 1
Mixed Pair6 to 1
Blackjack3 to 2
Insurance2 to 1


Perfect Pairs Blackjack Strategy

Following basic strategy when you play blackjack is a great way to improve your wins. Many of our expert players recommend finding a blackjack chart to make plays.

These charts will also advise you when to place blackjack side bets like perfect pairs. In the long-run, this is a handy reference to use.

Of course, we don’t recommend taking the insurance side bet because it’s rarely worthwhile.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Strategy

Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack Online

When you’re ready to start playing, we recommend trying Perfect Pairs for free before staking real money.  If you’re not new to blackjack, though, you can ignore that advice.

With that in mind, we hope that you enjoy this variant and win more than you lose!

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