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Sic Bo Money Management Strategy

Lila Thorn | January 3, 2021 | Updated on: January 4th, 2022

Sic Bo Money Management Before you start playing dice games of chance, most experts suggest setting up a budget to stay on track. That’s why we’ve created this sic bo money management strategy guide to help you get ahead. Generally, having a plan will help lower your losses, improve your odds, and keep your money where you need it.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the best ways to manage your bankroll, including which bets to make and to avoid. Also, we’ll give you our top tips to make the most of your budget without losing too much at online casino sites.

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Sic Bo Money Management Tips

Before you start a game of sic bo, you should know the rules, bets, and table layout. Moreover, you should have enough money to play for a while and win back any losses. So, as a part of your sic bo money management strategy, we recommend thinking about these aspects.

Sic Bo Money Management Tips

1. Establish a Bankroll

No matter which casino game you play, you should always have money set aside for it. When you start, first decide on an amount for your overall gambling. Then, break it up into the games you want to try playing.

Once you have those amounts, keep your sic bo budget aside only for those sessions. If you can, claim a bonus from the casino website to boost your funds.

2. Set Your Limits

With your primary bankroll in mind, the next step in your sic bo money management is to set limits. These should include limiting the time you spend playing, how much you lose, and how much you’ll win.

With this in mind, you can then think of your wagering limits, which would be your minimum and maximum bets. Then, find a game or table that matches your limits, and you can start playing.

3. Set Specific Goals

Keeping your targets in mind is an excellent tip for sic bo money management because it ties into the steps we just mentioned. Your goals should be realistic, like winning your initial bet back three times over. Or, just walking away with a set amount, like $200 or $500 from the table.

Basically, goals will help you stay on track and avoid over-betting at sic bo tables.

4. Start Betting Slowly

While it’s tempting to rush in and bet as much as you can, pro players recommend staggering your bets carefully. Never take the max if you haven’t budgeted for it, or play at a high-stakes table. Instead, make a small bet of 1%-2% of your budget on each game.

That way, as your winnings build, you can get your losses back without spending more than you can afford.

5. Anticipate Streaks

In every sic bo game, a dice roll outcome is an independent event, and the dice won’t remember the last roll. While streaks are common, there’s no anticipating a winning or losing streak until it happens.

With that said, you should expect the possibility and plan for it. When a losing streak hits, you should be prepared to move to another table or game. Or, take a break and come back later to try again.

Sic Bo Money Management Strategy

6. Sic Bo Money Management – Respect the Odds

In any sic bo strategy for money management, you’ll find the same advice: respect the odds of winning. While people can lie, statistics cannot, so you need to plan for the possible wins or losses. Overall, the payouts might be high for a specific number bet, but the odds of that win are low.

So, focus on the bets that can be split on any outcome of the dice combined. For example, skip the specific number and take a range like big or small.

7. Follow a Plan

Regardless of the strategy or system you’re using, you need to learn it well and apply it consistently. This should be applied not only to number progressions, but also combinations of hedge bets. Essentially, this will keep you on track in both your sic bo betting and money management strategy.

8. Stay Flexible

If an approach isn’t working, you should be flexible enough to move on or try something new. But, if that fails, move onto another game or table and try again. The key is to recognize that you’re stuck and adjust your gameplay to suit the situation.

9. Follow the Money

Whenever other players are betting on a specific combination or number at a live table, put a bet on it. If everyone is right, then everyone is happy, but betting against them is called “jinxing the wager” when you win. So, while playing with friends or other players, humor the table but don’t overdo it.

10. Sic Bo Money Management: Be Disciplined

It’s all good and well for you to read guides like this, but it only helps if you take the advice. While there’s nothing wrong with taking a risk sometimes, you should stay focused. Following your gut can occasionally go wrong, and that can impact your sic bo money management.

So, be aware of your gameplay, and learn to walk away or make some quick bets when you need to.

Sic Bo Money Management Bets

Best Bets for Sic Bo Money Management

While playing sic bo, you have two choices to make: which outcomes to bet on and how much to wager. Then, you’ll place your chips on the sic bo table before the dice are rolled. But, before you bet, you should think about your betting options and how the house edge affects it.

So, we’ve listed the basic betting options for sic bo below to help you get started:

Type of BetPayoutHouse Edge
Single number bets1 to 17.87%
Two number combination bets5 to 116.67%
Three number dice totals:
10 and 116 to 112.5%
9 and 126 to 118.98%
8 and 138 to 112.5%
7 and 1412 to 19.72%
6 and 1517 to 113.67%
5 and 1630 to 113.98%
4 and 1760 to 115.28%
Double Bets (Pairs)10 to 118.52%
Any Triple Number Bet30 to 113.98%
Specific Triple180 to 116.2%
Small or Big Bets1 to 1 (Lose on triple bets)2.78%


Creating a Money Management System

Like any guide to improving your online gambling, there are limits in the real world. While it would be nice to have clear-cut methods that work, it’s unrealistic. So, keep your overall strategy in mind, and stick to what you know about the games.

In fact, you should practice on demo games to see what works and what doesn’t. Then, adjust your goals, limits, or budget to suit your needs.

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