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Rhode Island Opens Casinos by Invite Only

The tiny state of Rhode Island has only two casinos, but as lawmakers ease COVID lockdown restrictions. As a result, a  big turnover is expected as the state is the second highest densely populated in the whole country.

Governor of Rhode Island, Gina Raimondo, announced the reopening of casinos on Friday the 29th of May. To kick-start the second phase of reopening casinos in the state. Because the first phase of the reopening was three weeks long.  And the governor says she is satisfied with the performance of the masses.

Criteria for opening up were health-related –according to the health department in Rhode Island. Observing the data, the rate of new infection and recoveries are satisfactory and prove that it is safe to resume daily activities.

Rhode Island Casinos Open

Invitation to Gamble

In the state of Rhode Island there are only two land-based casinos, one in Lincoln and another in Tiverton. So to accommodate eager gamblers in the limited capacity. These casinos have decided to create a system that works as a play by invite.  It might sound absurd, but it assists the rules of social distancing.  And that is the only way proven to prevent mass infection of the coronavirus.

As of Monday the 8th of June, the casinos in Rhode Island will open. The invites sent out will accommodate a plus one. But anyone else that tries to approach he casino without an invite they will be turned away. The executive body of the casino expressed that they want to accommodate only 25% of the full capacity of the casino.

Safety Measures for Rhode Island Casinos

To ensure the overall safety of the casino players, the invited gamblers have to observe a few social distancing guidelines. These regulations include body temperature screenings, and everybody inside the premises will be required to wear masks. The floor will be divided into three sections. And the gaming floor will have factions. Also, not all casino games will be operational for safety reasons. Unfortunately, players can only indulge in slot machines and virtual table games. Essentially, players will enjoy a wider game selection if they stick to online casinos. Because land-based casino reopening is restrictive and cannot be optimized by human interaction. Rhode Island is one of the many states resuming normalcy after the Pandemic.

In Massachusetts, the three commercial casinos will remain closed throughout June. However, the tribal casinos intend to open to start generating income for their communities.

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