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Sports Bettors Want to Make Their Wagers From Home

A new study done by Horowitz research institution suggests that sports bettors want to wager at Home. This research relied on the tendencies of many before and during the national lockdown. In the findings, the study proved that 1 in every 7 Americans takes part in sports betting. An additional 20 per cent would try it. The findings from the report aren’t necessarily surprising.

Studies find that the average American sports bettor wagers on more than one sports at a time. Which makes sense because America has a variety of sports options. The biggest games attracting the most sports bettors is basketball, baseball and football. There is also a standard league of horseracing betting. As a result in the study, the top five prominent sports are

  1. NFL
  2. MLB
  3. NBA
  4. NCAA football
  5. NCAA Basketball
USA sports bettors

 Will Broadcasters Give Bettors What They Want?

Sports betting growing popularity is taking the world by storm. Broadcasters can facilitate sports betting and give sports bettors what they want. Therefore, broadcasters and online resources can easily make this possible. Out of the total number of the research, the majority of people predict that ESPN would be suitable to take over as the broadcaster.

84% of bettors would prefer to wager through the television broadcaster. So, right now this idea in the pipeline. This allows bettors to engage more while the game is playing. The best part is how established media broadcasts can get an opportunity to give sports betting. They can capitalize this to reach a bigger audience than what they already have.

This potential for broadcasters is lucrative and if done right may take TV sports watching to a whole new level. These interesting findings will be discussed.

Booming Travel Industry

Legal sports betting will attract more tourism into the industry. This is proof to all the 22 states where sports betting is already legal. This is because according to statistics, the sports bettor market is largely a younger, urban demographic—people who are more likely to travel. Therefore, reviving sports betting by attending matches. Furthermore, 70 per cent of the interviewed say they would rather go to states with legal sports betting.

In conclusion, due to the demands of a fast-paced changing world. Sports betting that is done through a TV screen doesn’t seem so far fetched.

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