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Travel Bubble for China Allows Interstate Movement

Chinese cities Macau and Hong Kong are developing a travelling system. This will allow citizens to move around freely between the two destinations. This “travel bubble” will make it easy for people to go to either one of the locations. With no quarantine period required in between. At the moment, travel around China is strictly for emergency or business purposes. This travel arrangement means recreational activities can resume.  And more visitors can visit China’s mega-casino Macau.

Chairman of the travel industry Jason Wong Chun-Tat told the media that the matter is still under discussion.  This means if implemented, this policy will only come into effect in about three months.

Travel Bubble for Chinese travelers

Coronavirus Regulations

At the moment Macau casinos are open. However,  visitors have to wait the 14 day quarantine period before they are cleared for their casino visit. This makes the whole experience more expensive. Because the quarantine facility is an expense the visitor incurs. Fortunately, the whole Macau casino facility is already open and is active. And, therefore, working under-tested social distancing measures. Because more visitors are needed especially if the economy is to revive itself after the pandemic.

Before the coronavirus closure. Macau could attract about three million monthly visitors. And now after a long period of being closed because of the pandemic. In April, it is reopening the casino only to an average of a mere 11041 visitors. Macau group management speculated that when the casino and facilities reopen. But many people remain sceptical. However, the numbers are dismal even according to projected returns. In 2019 April, the casino brought home a whopping $3 billion. And this year same period the return was $95 million. Which is 75% less than last year. And 30% less than the estimated revenue post coronavirus. This pandemic has effectively wiped out Macau casino savings. Leaving the in need of rescue to stay afloat.

Attracting Visitors through Travel Bubble

This travel bubble is one of the many ways Macau plans on attracting more visitors. The coronavirus is no longer a threat in China mainland. Instead, it is spreading across the rest of the world.

The decision to close borders in March was in defence to the COVID-19 threat. But cities like Hong Kong still maintain closed borders and strict entry. In an effort to boost commercial activity. Therefore, advise that the entertainment district should allow movement.

The Latest on the Coronavirus

After a difficult three months of complete lockdown. China has handled the global pandemic well and is ready to resume all activity.

While businesses and the world economy have suffered. There is no telling how many lives have been saved due to quarantine measures. And now, as many countries usher in a “new normal”. People have to carry on with life observing social distancing. Until a vaccine or cure is found. The social distancing course of action was discovered by leading Hong Kong epidemiologists. A study from the infected cases revealed the following. Out of 20% of infected individuals were responsible for 80% of the transmissions.


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