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UK Casino Industry is Frustrated at Government

UK casinos are disgruntled at the United Kindom government because of how the government has been handling lockdown rules. Prime Minister of England Boris Johnson is reluctant on opening up the casino sector since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak in his country. The outbreak in England occurred in early January and so the small island quickly closed its borders. Additionally, this put a halt to all industries, this happened in early 2020.

The rest of the world quickly joined the trend and shut down borders and industries. All to try and manage the curve or rather the spike of this virus.

The worst that could happen was witnessed in the European country Italy. The citizens of this small country all ignored social distancing measures and underestimated the effects of this disease. And so, the devastating effects including thousands of deaths were all witnessed for the world to see.

UK casinos remain close post coronavirus

Life after Coronavirus

England is currently the third most infected country in the world. This small island has gone through its peak and so the time to return to normalcy has arrived. And although Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a victim of this infectious disease. He seems more than willing to open up his country and get the economy actively running again. Unfortunately, the gambling industry doesn’t seem to be part of his plans.

The English Betting and Gaming Council is criticizing about the unfair treatment by the Prime Minister.

Casino operators have done all they can play in the United Kingdom to ensure they are in line with COVID-19 regulations. They feel like the restricted access to their premises is unfair and uncalled for. As a result, they are criticizing the new laws announced by Boris Johnson.

In countries where the virus has peaked.  UK casinos are currently the only casinos out of business and it is unfortunate because players are eager to return to the slots.

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