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What are the 6 Luckiest Numbers?

The six luckiest numbers are 6, 7, 33, 38, 40, and 49 for most lottery players. These numbers are collected from draws of multiple lottery numbers in Canada, Spain, Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Greece.

These numbers have appeared in most of the lottery draws to date, and that’s how they made it onto the list. So, try a few combinations and see if you start winning big with our favorite lucky numbers.

What are the 6 Luckiest Numbers?

How to Pick Lucky Numbers

Generally, you can look for lucky numbers on the internet that track each draw and keep a tally of winning numbers. These sites typically display the numbers by year, and you can then choose whether or not to put those on your ticket.

While there’s no harm in tracking numbers, we have to remind you that lotto draws are based on luck. No amount of recurring data will influence a draw, so you should always hedge your bets.

Powerball & Mega Millions Lucky Numbers

The Mega Millions and Powerball lottery draws are the most popular in the United States.  These two draws can be won in multiple states, which is why the jackpots are so huge.

  • Common numbers for the Mega Millions include 9, 10, 11, 19, 22, 4, 14, and 20.
  • As for Powerball, your luckiest numbers are 64, 62, 53, 3, 21, 23, 27, and 32.

Finding Lucky Numbers to Bet On

There are many ways to discover lucky numbers, and our experts recommend trying them all. These are our favourite methods to find lucky numbers:

  • Choose known lucky numbers like 6, 7, 33, 38, 40, and 49 or something important in your culture. For example, most Westerners will pick 7, while Easterners stick to 8.
  • Significant numbers are another popular choice because they have meaning to you and are attached to memories.
  • Or, use random number generators because it’s just as random as the ball drawn in the lottery.

So, What are the 6 Luckiest Numbers in Lottery?

Since most draws feature five balls and an extra one from a different bucket, the six luckiest numbers will vary. Almost every winner in the world will tell you that their lucky lottery numbers are the best and that they would never choose another set.

However, your odds of winning with or without specific numbers remain the same. So, aim for a little variety and multiple tickets.