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Everything You Need to Know About River Nile Casino

Lila Thorn | June 12, 2019 | Updated on: May 13th, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About River Nile CasinoRiver Nile Casino started as, you guessed it, a popular casino back in the day. Based on that experience, we’ve decided to make this site all about helpful gambling tips. From playing casino games to getting the best bonuses, we want to make life easier for gamblers. Of course, we’re still learning some of the ropes, and we sometimes get it wrong.

That’s why we constantly update the information we provide and let our players know what’s happening. Our aim is to always keep players in mind, because we are gamblers. Combining our knowledge, we’ve tried to make every guide and review as knowledgeable as possible.

We’ve played almost every game and tried every site on the web, so we know what it needs to be great. Of course, we also like to give our best casino gambling tips and advice to others, so we’ll always try to include that.

River Nile Casino’s Mission

Our mission is three-fold:

  1. First, we want to help as many players as possible with helpful information, from beginners to pros.
  2. Our mission is to make River Nile Casino one of the best gaming resources. It is our aim to cover every single aspect of gambling.
  3. And lastly, we want to keep learning and sharing what we know. We want to bring fresh takes to old games and practices to improve online gaming for years to come.

What We Offer

What we offer is an easy-to-use site that is well-designed. We will always try to improve our content and keep it easy-to-read so players aren’t bogged down with jargon. Any online gambling experience should be easy, simple, and fast. That’s also what we want to provide on this website. Fast, easy and simple guides and reviews for everything casino-related.

Added to this, we want to recommend only the best websites for casino players. We intend to tell players what they can expect from all promotions and games. As well as how to play fairly to ensure that payouts are quick. Any site we recommend is therefore worthwhile for players because our reviewers will have tested everything and noted anything out of place.

River Nile Casino Guarantee

Review Processes & Criteria

When the River Nile Casino team starts reviewing casinos or games, we like to get all of the information upfront. So that our reviews reflect all of that information to players. To make things easier for US gamblers, we include our criteria so that they can check as well. Being careful has never been unnecessary to us, and we believe that players should be able to select games and sites based on real information. So, here’s our review process for casinos and their games.

Casino Ratings

  • Security & Privacy – all casinos taking bets should protect their players in terms of secure connections and encryption. They should also keep any personal information equally protected.
  • Casino Bonuses & Promotions – all bonuses should have clear cut promotional terms and conditions available for players to read. These need to include all playthrough requirements and any restrictions.
  • Customer Care & Player Support – when it comes to customer service, we look for 24/7 support and a friendly team. Any questions or concerns should also be answered punctually and clearly.
  • Banking Options – as much as we’d prefer a wide variety, we at least expect casinos to support four or more banking options for deposits and withdrawals. Anything less is an immediate red flag from the River Nile Casino team.
  • Desktop & Mobile Gaming – finally, we want to be entertained. All listed websites need at least 200 games, including slots, for players to try. We don’t compromise when it comes to games and we also expect mobile devices to be supported.

River Nile Casino Game Reviews

  • Payout Rate – all games we review should show the chances of winning on the game clearly. For slots, this should be higher than 85%. For other games, standard casino odds and house edges should be used.
  • Features – we always look for special features like bonus games because they improve casino titles for the players. Extra spins or bigger multipliers are a big plus for our experts.
  • Symbols – all special symbols on slot or bespoke games should be listed in the game information. Of course, the game information should also look the same as the developer’s version.
  • Regulator Rating – games at casinos on the web should be regulated and tested for fairness. If they aren’t, we will note this and dock the rating accordingly.
  • Expected Jackpots – as the featured games of most websites, knowing the jackpot amount for these games should be accurate and shown to players. Even normal games should reveal the expected winnings.

Our Guarantees at River Nile Casino

When we say that we aim to write fair and honest guides or reviews, we mean it. So, at River Nile Casino, our guarantee to you is that everything we list is correct and true to our knowledge. However, this is subject to our discretion and any updates can happen without warning.

After all, we’re just a small site run by a few gambling enthusiasts.