Gambling Laws in the US: Online Gambling Laws by State

Gambling Laws in the US: Online Gambling Laws by StateOnline casinos have become a billion-dollar industry over the years. And legislators have been paying attention to the industry, developing gambling laws to deal with the rise in online gambling. Online gambling is not fully regulated as of yet, therefore, it is still illegal in some states in the US. However, there are some legalized online gambling sites that US players can enjoy. Some of the trusted gambling sites include betWay365 and bet365.

But because of the differing state laws, it can be confusing for American players to know which gambling laws apply in which state. Don’t worry, we at River Nile Casino have you covered with our handy guide. Below you will see a summarised look into some gambling laws in the states mentioned. We will take a brief look at sports betting laws, fantasy gambling, Poker, lottery laws. Once you have read our guide you should be ready to get started with online gambling without breaking any laws. The world of gambling is very complex therefore casino guides are important. River Nile has taken the effort to take you through our guide of US gambling laws.

US Gambling Laws on Online Sports Betting

The gambling laws around sports betting have changed in 2018. This was because of the Supreme Court’s decision to rule the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) as unconstitutional. Since then, six states are allowing sports betting.


This state was the first to introduce sports betting after the PASPA was declared unconstitutional. The first bet was accepted on June 5, 2018. They have expressed interest in expanding into mobile sports betting in the near future.


On August 1 2018, Mississippi became the fourth state to legalize sports betting. The state doesn’t have provisions in its gambling laws that permit online sports betting right now. However, they do allow onsite mobile wagering. They have expressed an interest in expanding into online sports betting.


Sports betting originates from this state. The Silver State began taking sports bets all the way back in 1949. With online sports betting, Nevada doesn’t permit standalone online sports betting platforms but casinos can make their own mobile apps.

New Jersey

This is the most well-known state offering online sports betting. They led the lawsuit which removed the PASPA. New Jersey gambling laws do permit online sports betting.


The gambling laws situation in this state has been referred to as frustrating. Technically, people in Pennsylvania have been allowed to wager on sports since 2017. Progress in terms of establishing a sports betting industry was slowed down by the PASPA. However, now with the PASPA gone, development has begun but there are no signs of online sports betting just yet.

Rhode Island

Sports betting in Rhode Island was legalized in June 2018. However, the law doesn’t allow online and mobile sports betting. There is an interest in pursuing it in the future.

West Virginia

Sports betting became legal in August 2018. In the very near future, online sports betting will be available in the state.

Gambling Laws for Online Poker United States

In terms of legislation, states differ in how they handle online poker. Let’s take a look at the states where online poker is permitted.


Delaware’s gambling laws allow for peer-to-peer online poker. The market in this state remains small, with one of the lowest player participation rates in the world.

Multi-State Poker

Some states across the country allow players to play online pokers with other players in different states. Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey allow poker sites to offer online poker across all three jurisdictions.


This online casino game is the only form of online gambling that’s legal in Nevada.

New Jersey

The online gaming and online casinos market opened up in New Jersey in 2013. Although online poker was first introduced back then, it makes up only a small percentage of overall online gambling revenue.


Pennsylvania’s gambling expansion bill that came into law in 2017 allows for regulated online poker. Furthermore, casino operators can create comprehensive online casinos for American players living in Pennsylvania.

US Gambling Laws on Online Lottery Sales


US Gambling Laws on Online Lottery Sales

The lottery is a huge game with life-changing rewards. Therefore, being able to play it online makes this great game of luck more accessible to American players. Let’s look at which states have gambling laws regulating online lottery sales.


Online lottery sales began in November 2012. The state’s lottery corporation allows Georgians to play the lotto online from anywhere in the state.


Illinois became the first state to have online lottery sales in March 2012.


Since 2016, online lottery sales have been legal in Kentucky.


Around September 2014, Michigan began offering online lottery sales to its inhabitants.

New Hampshire

The fifth state to legislate online lottery sales, New Hampshire passed its bill in June 2017. Thereafter, in September 2018, the first online lottery ticket was sold.


Along with the big 2017 gambling bill, the online lottery became legal.

US Fantasy Sports Laws

There are a number of states across the US that have daily fantasy sports (DFS) in their gambling laws.


They have yet to legislate DFS operators in this state. DFS sites are hoping to get in because California remains the largest market for fantasy sports.


DFS is completely legal and regulated in this state.


In Nevada’s gambling laws, DFS operators are the same as a casino. So far, there are no major DFS operators in the state.

New York

After a lengthy legal battle, DFS is finally a legitimate form of gambling since August 2016.

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