Best Online Bingo Guide USA for Beginners

Online Bingo Guide for Beginners

Gone are the days where players had to find a bingo hall to play this fun and interactive game. With online bingo, American players can enjoy the game from the comfort of their own homes or on-the-go with mobile. It seems like a lot of people around the world prefer to play bingo online – 85% of bingo players play online.

You may have seen this lottery casino game played in many television shows and movies. Since a lot of bingo players are all situated online, you need to know all there is to know about online bingo. One thing that you should keep in mind is that the principles of bingo stay the same whether online or in a land-based casino or even your local town hall.

We at River Nile Casino have created this comprehensive guide on bingo. It’s to help players navigate all the online bingo platforms out there. Stick with our list and you’ll have an awesome experience.

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Online Bingo Variations

There are four major versions of bingo which we’ll take a look at:

  • North American Version: also known as 75-ball bingo, this version has 75 figures and a game card with 5×5 playing lines. This is the most popular version here and it’s quite fast.
  • UK Version: this online bingo variation has 90 balls and the card has 9×3 playing lines. The game moves in three stages – one line, two lines, and full house.
  • 30 Ball Bingo: also, a faster version of online bingo, it has a 3×3 card and players need to fill in their whole card to call bingo.
  • 80 Ball Bingo: a modern cross game that’s very different from other bingo variations. The card has a 4×4 structure and players use it in multiple ways to win.

How to Play Bingo Online

Players will first receive bingo cards with five columns and five squares each. Each square has a number, aside from the one in the centre which is known as a free space. On the cards, there’s B-I-N-G-O across the top.

  • B covers numbers 1 to 15
  • I covers numbers 16 to 30
  • N covers 31 to 45
  • G covers numbers 46 to 60
  • O covers 61 to 75

The caller, or computer, will randomly generate the numbers being read out. If the number is on your card, mark it. After that, the first player to complete the number pattern wins.

bingo cage with balls

Play Bingo Online: Tips and Strategies

Keep these in mind when playing bingo online:

  • Look for a reputable online casino to play at. Our list of recommended casinos has been vetted by our team of experts for excellence.
  • Set a limit to the amount of cash you’re going to spend.
  • Lastly, play when there are a few other players online. This increases your chances of winning.

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A Brief History of Bingo

Historians believe the first game of bingo was created in 1530 in Italy. It then travelled to France in the early 1770s where it was known as Le Lotto and it was played by the upper classes of French society. When it reached the United States 200 years later in 1929, it was known as Beano and eventually bingo. This is the term players shout when they win.

Additionally, you can read our free casino games guide for more tips and strategies.

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