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play lottery onlineAt some point, we all have imagined what we would do if we are to win the online lottery. Some American players say they would buy a yacht. While some say they’ll go on holiday. And some will purchase a mansion and give some of the money away to charity. Well, it’s about time we start making our dreams a reality. According to history, online lotteries were used by the government as a way to raise funds for civil construction projects or wars.

Online lotteries are games that people play with the hope of winning huge sums of money. This is done by buying tickets that have random numbers printed on them, and wait for the selection of the winning numbers to be drawn. From a lot of Internet-based casino lotteries available in the US to buying a lottery ticket at your nearest garage, there are a lot of possibilities waiting for you in the realm of the USA online lottery.

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How to Play the Lottery

In America, there are different types of online lottery games available for US players, just as with other casino games. There are state lotteries and national lotteries so if ever you feel like you want to try your luck at the Florida lottery or play the Texas lotto, you will definitely manage to do so. Below are some of the most popular lottery games in the USA.

Mega Millions USA

Mega Millions is a large-scale national lottery that is run after every two weeks. It occurs twice that week, on a Tuesday and Friday. The game is known as Mega Millions for a reason. This is because of its massive jackpot awaiting a winner. Mega Millions works in a straightforward way. Players must choose six numbers from two different pools.

The first pool has the numbers 1 to 25 and the second fro, 1 to 15. You have a choice to choose the six numbers on your own or go for the Easy Pick option. With the Easy Pick option, a random selection will done which will automatically generate the six numbers for you. To win, the players must match all the six figures with the ones appearing on their ticket.

Mega Millions Online Lottery Game USA

American Powerball Online

Powerball is one of the famous lotto games in America because of the enormous payout it offers. In this game, five balls will be randomly drawn at out of sixty-nine numbers. After that, a red ball will be drawn from a different drum that has twenty-six red balls with numbers. So the players will have to predict the five white balls and one red ball that will be selected. In order to win, their numbers must match all the six numbers that would have been drawn. In the event that a player wins, they have an option to claim their winnings in a single lump sum payment which will be taxed, and they will get the remaining amount. Or they can choose the annuitized winning payout option. This is when the player’s winnings will be paid out to them over annually, over 29 years, with a 5% increase added every year to cover the increase in the living costs.

International Online Lottery Ticket Games

There are a couple of online lottery games available at USA casinos online. Some of these internet lottery variations are explained below.


Online Keno has grown to be a popular variant of the online lottery casino games available. The game comes in a different form but is played the same way as the standard lottery game. US players pre-select a couple of numbers, and the casino will automatically draw random numbers after every player has made their selection. If the numbers you selected match with the ones drawn, then you’ve won! Online keno cards vary from a combination of numbers as high as twenty to those as low as nine. However, it’s important for American players to know that the higher the combination, the greater their chances of winning.

Online lottery games for US players


Now, this is one of the all-time classic lottery games loved and enjoyed by all. Most Bingo halls are known to be part of the stable in many communities. Though the game’s connections to the lottery are visible, many American players fail to identify it as a lottery game. In this game, players are given a card that has a few pre-selected numbers. The call we will draw the winning numbers from the Bingo wheel. While he makes an announcement of the winning number in each draw, you will be ticking off the winning numbers that appear on your card. When you reach the required combination, and you are the first to shout ‘BINGO’, you become the lucky winner!

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Picking the Right USA Lottery Numbers

There are a couple of strategies that hopeful gamblers use in the realm of online lottery. Our dedicated team of players has put together some of these strategies to assist US gamblers when playing lottery games online.

  • Tracking: Also known as ‘Frequency Analysis’, this is a process of tracking the frequency at which specific numbers occur.
  • Wheeling: This is when a player creates a master sheet with numbers they think will have the lucky touch and circulating them in various combinations.
  • Pooling: This is a practice of combining funds with investors or a casino. How it works is the more money one has, the more tickets they buy. And the more tickets they purchase, the higher their chances of winning.

Buy Lottery Tickets Online at Top American Casinos

After all has been said, online lottery is an exciting game of chance. It’s all about Lady Luck being on your side. So why not try your luck? Visit any of the casinos featured on our site and stand a chance to make your dream come true!

Online lottery in USA

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