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Do Online Slots Remember You?

Simply put, online slots don’t remember you, and there’s no evidence to the contrary. We know that when people ask, “do online slots remember you?” they want to know if games are programmed to give bad results.

We’ve compiled this breakdown to get into the details of why slots can’t remember you. Our experts have compiled a long list of compelling reasons below to help.

Do Online Slots Remember You?

Do Online Slots Have a Memory?

Slot machines are only programmed to record whether there was a win or a loss and by how much. These programs can’t remember anything else, regardless of the negative players online who claim otherwise.

The bad news is that slots can’t run hot or cold, and the machines have no memory of previous spins either. These games also have nowhere to store complex information like your username and location along with the winning amount.

Plus, it would be illegal in almost every country on earth to try and do so. No reputable and licensed casino or software provider would take that risk to make a little extra money.

All slots on the web use random number generators (RNGs) that create an outcome independent of the one before or after. RNGs use sophisticated algorithms programmed to meet strict guidelines for fairness set by independent regulators.

Can You Actually Win on Online Slots?

When you gamble for real money or for free, you are taking a chance on an outcome. Games of chance, like online slots, have an inherent risk of losing because there’s no skill to them.

Whether you visit a land-based or online casino to play slot games, the odds of winning rarely change. That’s why return-to-player (RTP) percentages exist, to ensure that the same game is fair at all casinos.

The RTP is the projected win rate of a game across thousands of spins at thousands of casinos. Since it’s tied to the RNG, the RTP is the real-world calculation of how fair the game is.

When you’re playing online slots with high RTP (95% or more), you need to keep an eye on the jackpot. Your best bet here is to find games with bonus rounds and high jackpots to win the most.