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America Plans to Reopen Economy

Trump gives the go-ahead for America reopens plans. As a result, Henderson councilwoman gives the go-ahead to open up the economy. She publicly declares the Coronavirus “Mission Accomplished”. This is after the economy was brought to a standstill in fear of the virus causing COVID-19. Now after an over a month of imposed legislative quarantine.

The federal government has given the go-ahead to all-state authorities to decide if they are ready to open their towns and cities. They were allowing people to return to work and opening the doors of shops and restaurants once again. While the United States is currently the epicentre of the pandemic, the economic shutdown is proving even more fatal of a consequence than anything the virus could do.

Furthermore, Henderson councilwoman Michelle Romero is confident in her city’s efforts to contain the virus. She stated that the worst of Coronavirus is now behind them as a state, and they are ready to presume life to get it back to normal

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Coronavirus – is The Worst Behind  Us

Romero is self-assured in how her district is handling the virus outbreak. Nevada is currently one of the states with the lowest number of infections. For this reason, the state is ready to hit the ground running, hoping to secure job losses while they are at it.

This is the first time in 100 years that the casinos close their doors. And as the virus is keeping the whole world in limbo – businesses have closed everywhere. Stock markets are crashing, and even worse, mass unemployment ensues.

Opening up industries will mean stricter measures set in place. Casinos have to undergo disinfecting their premises. Staff have to maintain social distancing from each other for safety reasons and of course, to scan everyone that enters the building. This and so many other safety features will have to become part of the culture of any business that wants to survive.

Economic Consequences

The Coronavirus poses a significant threat to vulnerable communities in the gambling industry like Native American communities. They depend on a lot of income from the casino revenue for necessities. As a result, these communities have opened gambling venues to generate money.

More than 4,6 % of Americans in Nevada have filed for unemployment. The councilwoman is adamant on remaining with her views to let people out again. Her comments came just a week after she called Sisolak’s handling of the pandemic “total insanity”. Nevada has 5,664 coronavirus cases and 276 statewide deaths.As it stands,  America reopens is still a gamble because it is not obvious if the virus is behind us.