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Two-Up Casino LogoTwo-Up is an online casino with amazing user experience and a wide variety of Pokies (or slots). The distinguishing factor of this casino is definitely its promotions and bonuses they’re great. Two- Up Casino is named after the much-loved coin-tossing game that has been around for probably as long as coins have been around.

In the game, one player is the tosser and the other makes the bet. Two coins are tossed up and the player making the bet will put their stakes on guessing what the coins will land head up as, heads or tails.

This simple, easy to play and enjoyable game kick-started the general enjoyment of gambling in society. Two Up has a fantastic player support network, a broad variety of games, good user experience, and most importantly generous promotions.

Is Two-Up Licensed?

Two-Up is a fairly new site and was licensed in 2018. It is a rather small casino but is popular. This site has a good reputation for many reasons. Besides the authoritative licensing proving its legitimacy and regulation. Two-up is an official registered company entitled to all the rights of companies. They are powered by RealTime gaming software and are regulated by CDS corporation ltd.

Welcome Bonus and Promotions

When it comes to promotions and bonuses Two-Up definitely delivers. Two-Up has a progressive jackpot offer that is the ultimate prize. Winning by the highest odds can make you the recipient of this ultimate prize, what’s more, is that it increased every day. Two-Up offers a 300% welcome bonus, meaning you get 300% worth of whatever the amount of your welcome bonus is.

In addition, you often find exclusive promotions for different seasons. These include monthly promos where a chosen game, for instance, will give you an extra boost incentivizing you to choose it.

And as standard procedure, there is always a promotion involving pokies, the country’s ultimate fan favorite. At the moment you can get up to 210% bonus out of a pokies match.

Two-Up Casino Bonus New



Security and Support for Players

When it comes to player support, Two-Up covers all the possible loopholes and finds to accommodate all forms of communication. Two-Up has a live chatroom where a player can get an instant response to any question that needs an answer 24/7.  They have a toll free hotline available for player’s to call from their respective countries so the players have their own free toll line. Their support is personalized and efficient giving you peace of mind through the casino experience.

In terms of safety, we are looking at industry-standard encryption and games regulated by RNG, random number generator. The encryption used by two-Up is 128-bit SSL protocols and has firewall technology for optimized security.

This is because Two-Up takes a player’s privacy as a priority.  They understand that playing for real money requires security measures because of your sensitive data like identification and banking details needed to verify you before you can start playing.

Casino banking options for Two-Up

Two-Up is one of the few sites that I’ve seen that offers such easy and convenient banking options. They use Visa, MasterCard and Bitcoin, the first two are one of the most widespread banking software providers in the world and then Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

The fact that Two-Up has both Cryptocurrency and real currency as options proves how progressive and accommodating they are as a casino. All these banking options are instant and the only waiting period would be for a pay-out request that takes approximately a week.

Casino Games

Two-Up has an easy to use interface that is not overwhelming to the eye. The mains source of games is the much-loved Pokies. And then there’s a variety for a card game, new games, and even Video poker. Exciting much?

Well, that’s not all Two-Up has a category as well for specialty games such as Craps, Baccarat and Roulette which are all favorites in the Casino space.

The games range in themes and origin. Catering for any type of player visiting Two-Up.

Two-Up Casino Ratings

User Experience at Two-Up

The User experience at Two-Up is unparalleled. It’s simplistic and packs away the games in categories that make them easy to find. On Two-Up if you know what you are looking for you will find it. The home page has recent winner’s announcement where they show off the latest big prizes and that’s the type of stuff that builds excitement in a player.

In terms of UX, Two-Up gets tap on the back because they do it so well.

Two-Up Casino rating

In terms of the overall rating Two-Up is a decent site offering very generous bonuses and a wide variety of games. They can improve on their player support by having an FAQs page (Frequently Asked Questions).

The home page could also do with a little bit more information about Two-Up and its objective as a casino. Other than the excellent User Experience makes it the type of online casino you are most likely to visit again and again.

So, we’re giving them a four-star rating out of a possible five.

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