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NBA League set to Resume

The NBA resumes, like the rest of the world, came to a standstill over coronavirus pandemic. The world’s biggest basketball league suspended its games on March 12 after a player tested positive for COVID-19.

As one of the first organizations to officially shut down in the wake of the virus outbreak, many fans were left shocked and confused. Coronavirus, a pathogen that thrives in an environment with a lot of people, could’ve had a devastating effect.

China, where the virus originated and first hit, has had its basketball league closed since January 24. And now, with everything going back to normal in China. The Chinese basketball league announced its plan to resume the league, and America’s NBA wants to follow suit.

Corona virus


NBA Resumes – Finishing off the Season

The United States is still in the eye of the storm and is now the epicenter of the virus. So the decision for NBA  resume by the NBA may seem a little bit premature. However, there appears to be a plan. While many sports fans sit at home under a withdrawal. The NBA will bring sports games with no fans on location. In fact, as a safety measure, they plan on taking all the leagues 30 teams to a secluded area. The intention is to complete the season. Instead of calculating the current points in the league and choosing a champion.

Furthermore, the NBA is in talks with Las Vegas. A city with big arenas and facilities that will accommodate the needs of the Basketball players.

 Post Corona Virus Season

At the moment, all sports have been suspended following the coronavirus threat. Fortunately, sportsbook betters can still put money down and bet on the potential outcome of the league. The sportsbook is still offering bettors the opportunity to choose their odds. So far, according to consensus, the Lakers are going home with the Championship.

While only time will tell how the league will wrap up. The whole world waits to resume and claim a  victory against the Coronavirus.

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