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Kobe Bryant Tragedy Stops Two Sportsbooks

Kobe Bryant dies tragically and leaves NBA betting menus at a temporary standstill in his honor. The basketballer had legendary status after being in the NBA for over twenty years. Kobe is the NBA’s fourth-highest scorer of all time. He holds almost every accolade from the NBA. His wife and three children survive the forty-one-year-old father of four. One of his children, fifteen-year-old Gianna Bryant, was unfortunately involved in the accident with him and also died.

Taking to the news, at least two sportsbooks paused operations and stopped accepting NBA bets. Circa Sports in Las Vegas and Resorts Casino of Atlantic City were the first two sportsbooks to close for the day. Bryant’s death is a huge shock even beyond the boundaries of sporting entertainment. Kobe had become an icon for his social status as a sports veteran, family man, and endearing nature. Millions rushed to social media to lament and share their condolences after the popular news outlet  – TMZ broke the news. Kobe Bryant goes down as a legend in sports and popular culture, having joined the NBA at the tender age of nineteen. He had been in the limelight ever since.



Lakers and NBA Continue With Games

The NBA commissioner Adam Silver left spectators in awe with his decision to refuse cancellation of games while players battled with emotions on the court. Silver said Kobe would be better commemorated if the contests continue. Stating that inspiring people and playing basketball to the best of his ability is what Kobe was known for. In his memory, the players needed to go out onto the court and do just that. While this decision landed on rocky terrain, many players were on the court fighting back the tears. They still found a way to pay tributes to their colleague. In San Antonio, during the playoff between the Toronto Raptors and The Spurs, players did not shoot or try score for the first twenty-four minutes of the game. In honor of Kobe’s number twenty-four jersey.

With emotions running high in the NBA at the moment, the choice to postpone bets was well regarded and will be appreciated by Kobe Bryant’s family. Players and bettors cannot be expected to make impartial decisions at a time like this.

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