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Macau Casino Faces More Loss in April

Macau Casino is China’s largest most lucrative casino and is known as the Las Vegas in the East. The casino’s gross gaming revenue (GRR) is anticipated to take another huge hit. Even worse than the months before when the country was under lockdown. When Macau Casino opened its doors after the outbreak, casino operators were hoping for the best. Chinese citizens had been couped up in quarantine for almost two months since the outbreak of COVID-19. At the moment, the country is no longer the epicenter of the virus. They are overcoming what many countries are yet to experience. The government has to continue with regulations like traveling restrictions and quarantine periods. Therefore, April will see further losses, and the casino can no longer afford to make losses. Macau Casino is losing 1-4 million dollars per day trying to maintain the casino running every day it remains open.

Macau Casino Corona virus

Another Shutdown on the Cards

Macau province is also under lockdown. Restrictions mean people quarantining for 15 days before they are allowed to move around.  Even neighboring countries like Japan are citing a resurgence of infections. This means China could also be hit with a rebound of the virus. While preventative measures like social distancing are being encouraged. Recreational areas like land-based casinos will find it hard to pick to from where they left off before the outbreak. Macau’s revenue fell by an entire 80 percent since the coronavirus. As part of their regulatory measures, the casino has opened doors but is only allowing masked gamblers.

The Future of Macau Casino

Currently, the whole world grapples with the Coronavirus pandemic. Many businesses and recreational activities continue through e-commerce services. And for gamblers, that means online casinos. River Nile casino offers top-rated games and casinos that payout fast. If you haven’t tried online gambling, this is the best place to start.