Best French Roulette for US Players

French Roulette is one of the few variations of the roulette game that is featured in American online casinos. The game aims to predict the pocket in which the ball will land. The French Roulette game has little difference to the European and American Roulette variants. The European variation has a different table layout, and the American has the double zero. French Roulette Icon

In comparison to the other games mentioned above, this table game has the lowest house edge. The house edge is at 1.35% making it the preferred version by American gamblers. French Roulette is a favourite for many players in the world. The game already represents an enjoyable gambling activity. The unique table of the roulette game is already reason enough to get hooked on this version of roulette with the lowest house edge advantage. French roulette is one of the more profitable options compared to the other variations of online roulette. Read on to find out what makes this game fun to play

Best French Roulette Casinos for US Players

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French Roulette Rules

Two rules apply in French Roulette, and these rules are what makes the game have such a low house edge. If played correctly, you can win big. French roulette is one of the roulette variants that is quite popular amongst people.

Lar Partage Rule – This rule applies when you have made an even money wager. If the ball lands on the zero slot, you will get half of your bet money back.

En Prison Rule – This rule is a bit similar to the La Partage rule, and the difference is that when the ball lands in the zero slot and you have made an even money wager, the house will take your bet. However, they will leave it on the same spot for the next round.

french roulette wheel

Best French Roulette Bets

When you look at the French roulette table, you will notice that it is divided into two sections which are: The group bets and individual numbers. From this, you have the option to choose to make the outside or inside bets. The single, adjacent and small groups are numbers that fall on the inside bets, and the large numbers are the outside bets. Below we share the different bets you can wager:

Inside Bets

  • Straight Bets – When you place your chips on any single number.
  • Split Bet – Choosing to wager on numbers adjacent to each other. However, you have to put your chips on the line between the numbers.
  • Street Bet – When you decide to bet on the three numbers that are in the same row. You place your chips on the line at the end of the row.
  • Corner Bet – If you choose to bet on four numbers that are next to each other, you will place your chips on the corner that the numbers touch.
  • Line Bet – This is when you bet on two rows with three numbers. You will put your chips at the corner of the last to numbers.

Outside Bets

  • Column Bet – Making a bet on an entire column of numbers. Place bets at the end of the column.
  • Dozen Bet – Place a bet on 12 numbers. There three boxes that you can make this bet which is marked “12P” (numbers from 1 to 12), “12M” (numbers from 13 to 24) and “12D” (numbers from 25 to 36).
  • Bet on Colour – This is self-explanatory. It simply means to place bets on either red or black. You place your best on the red or black diamond.
  • Bet on Even/Odd – When you choose to bet on odd or even numbers. Whichever side you prefer you can place your chips there.
  • Bet on Low/High – Making a bet on the high or low numbers. For the high numbers, you place your bets on the part marked “Manque.” The low numbers in on the “Passe.”

french roulette wheel and table

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We review the best French roulette online casinos to make sure that they meet the criteria to be considered as the best. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that the French roulette casinos sites that we list here on our website are safe and regulated. Choose one, sign up for a real money account and start playing French roulette and other online roulette games today! It is also very important to learn the rules of the game too.

Playing French Roulette at the Best US Casino Site

US players can enjoy the French Roulette game from a lot of online casinos on the internet. However, if the casino is not regulated, safe and not amongst the leading sites, there is no guarantee that you will enjoy playing. Hence, it is best to only play at top French Roulette casino sites.

The reason is that you will receive the best bonuses, fair gaming, fast payout and big jackpots. We help you quickly find the best casino sites where you can enjoy this casino game.

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