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USA Basketball Betting Basketball is one of the most watched sports in the USA, with thousands of fans. It’s also considered one of the top four sports enjoyed by Americans. The most important events for fans are the National Basketball Association (NBA) games, and the NCAA games. More so, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry, without bets. Luckily, we have all the tips for basketball betting in the US to get you started. However, there’s one question we need to answer.

Is betting on basketball legal in the United States? Yes, but not many states have regulations in place to keep bets above board. Currently, sports books in some states are taking bets on basketball. However, you can’t randomly pick a game and place a bet. When it comes to basketball betting, you’ll need to do a little research first on the teams and season. Knowing which bets to place wouldn’t hurt either. Stick with us and we’ll make basketball betting worth your cash and fun! We’ve listed every great gambling website for American players below.

Best Basketball Betting Sites

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Basketball Bets – Beginners Guide

To start betting, we recommend checking the wagers your bookie offers. Most sportsbooks who offer basketball betting tend to stick to the top five. These bets are typically offered on basketball, golf, football, and baseball. These bets are the following:

  1. Straight Bet – betting on the team you think will win without considering points. The next wager is similar. Odds on this are quite high, but rarely pay off to every bettor.
  2. Moneyline Bet – this is known as a ‘betting line’ and will dictate how much you’ll have to bet in order to win. This line is difficult to win on because gamblers have to bet a lot.
  3. Over-Under Wager – when placing this basketball bet, bookies can decide if the teams will score a total of points. Bettors can then wager on if the team will score more or less than this total.
  4. Points Spread – this is one of the most popular bets offered by bookies, because it’s based on the points scored by both teams. Bettors can then wager on both sides of the bet. E.g. team C +10 and team D -10, which makes team C the favorite to win. If team C wins by ten points, bettors win.
  5. Proposition Bets & Live Betting – these are the side bets of the game, with live bets happening in real time. Proposition basketball betting allows Americans to bet on a single player’s score, fouls and similar options.

Best Basketball Bets for US Bettors

Basketball Betting Tips & Tricks

  1. Use a trusted bookmaker when placing your bets
  2. Regularly check previous results on your teams and pick more than one
  3. Superstar players make a difference in basketball betting because these players carry the team
  4. Limit your bets and keep them under 10% of your bankroll to avoid big losses

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