Football Betting Casinos USA

Football is probably the most popular sports in America by far. It becomes evident when playoff season is upon us and Monday Night Football grips the whole nation. With American football fans representing their colors at the stadiums, we’ve created a guide for gamblers to profit from the sport they truly love. Our online football betting guide gives insight into how to place a bet online along with the best place to bet on NFL online. Find a list of reliable sports betting sites in the USA and make money by simply supporting your team.

American Sports Betting Websites 2019

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How to Place a Sports Bet Online in the USA

For all the novice gamblers that want to know how does online betting work, we’ve got you covered. Firstly, players need to ensure that they are playing at a legal online sports betting site. This is of high importance owing to the fact that sports betting is a highly regulated sector in America. There’re only a select few online sports betting agents that accept US players, while the states that are permitted by law to offer sports betting products offline include Las Vegas, Montana, Lake Tahoe, and Delaware.

Once you have chosen your trusted football betting site, there will be options to select the teams that are playing along with the odds.  In America, the most popular football betting options are for the US NFL betting and US college football betting respectively. Now that you have an idea of the betting option available to you, let’s delve into the football betting lines.

  • Over-Under Line – This represents the online betting line of the game finishing with a score of over or under a certain number.
  • Points Spread – Sportsbooks entice punters with the bet of a team winning by more or less a specified point difference. It is a risky bet but pays out handsomely.
  • The Straight Bet – This line reflects a straight bet, meaning you wager on the team you hope to win.
  • The Moneyline – Similar to the straight bet, it uses the negative or a positive sign to prop up the odds and show which teams are pegged as favorites in the tie.
  • Live Bets – Over the years, there’s been an influx of live betting websites that allow punters to wager on live events during the match and cash out before the match has ended.

Online Football Betting USA

Football Betting Strategy & Tips

In the United States, football is quite an emotive sport, with celebrations of wins known to reverberate across an entire state. With that being said, we’ve noted a trend among winners in online sports bets and we recommend them to US punters:

  • The teams with the highest probability of winning usually don’t pay out a lot. Thus, make things more interesting by not simply choosing a straight bet.
  • Research the stats of each team before you bet in real money.
  • Always reflect on the betting odds when making bets.
  • Players should understand since this is gambling, anything can happen. That is, the team that is not pegged to win might surprise you.

Football Betting Overview

US players should bear in mind sports betting is not permitted in every state in America. Knowing where you can bet on sports online is key. That is why we recommend some of the top online betting sites for USA players to wager on. You probably know all about the sport, so why not profit from it. American football is tons of fun and so is betting on it. Head over to any of our online betting USA legal websites and see for yourself.