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Nevada Businesses Now Enforcing New Statewide Mask Policies

Patrons will have to wear face masks at all times in Nevada businesses, according to a new statewide policy from Governor Sisolak. Nevada businesses are expected to enforce the policy within casinos as the Silver State faces a record number of new infections.

From Friday, June 25, casinos, and other businesses had to implement the order.

Hours before the new policy announcement, Caesars and MGM had already announced similar measures in their own capacity. All visitors, staff, and others will have to wear masks inside the resorts owned by the operators.

However, reactions are mixed as some lawmakers and residents sit on either side of the fence.

Nevada Businesses Enforcing Mask Policies

Mostly Positive Feedback from Nevada Businesses

Reportedly, members of the business community and some Republicans are endorsing the Governor’s plan. In a tweet, Senator Ben Kieckhefer (R-Reno) says wearing a mask “expresses respect and concern for your fellow human being.”

However, Elko County Sheriff Aitor Narvaiza criticized the move on Facebook, describing it as “unforceable[sic]” and that his department won’t enforce the policy. Currently, Elko County has very few positive cases, but that could change if residents don’t follow health measures.

Meanwhile, Nevada businesses associated with casino chains are set to turn away customers without masks.

Mask Policy Tensions

Anyone visiting resorts owned by Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts will have to wear masks at all times unless they’re smoking or drinking. Still, they’ll have to lift their mask and put it back into place as they do so. Still, some of Caesars’ properties have non-smoking casino floors, like the Southern Indiana resort.

In a statement from MGM, the company said that the novel coronavirus “still presents a significant health threat,” and that masks are proven to prevent the spread. During his address, Gov. Sisolak mentioned that masks can reduce infection rates by 80%.

Hopefully, the policy will flatten the curve again for Nevada, which has some of the lowest case counts in the United States. Of course, it’s not just in the hands of Nevada businesses, residents should also play their part.

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