Blacklisted Casinos Guide for US Players

Our site always recommends the top casino sites that offer the best online gambling experience. However, there are some online casinos that US players must watch out for because they use dodgy business practices, withhold player winnings and they have bad player support. These are called rogue or blacklisted casinos.

In this guide, we will be looking at what makes a bad online casino, and we will also help you know how to spot blacklisted casino sites. Some factors contribute to a casino being considered rogue or being blacklisted. Generally, it means that the casinos that make the blacklisted list have not met the criteria for what makes a good casino.

blacklisted casinos to avoid

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How Does a Casino Get on the Online Casino Backlist?

It may sound like a difficult task to be able to recognise what a bad site looks like. However, we are here to help you spot the bad from the good. Certain things are mandatory for any online casino to have or do to be considered the best casino. In the case of blacklisted online casinos, however, it means that they did not meet the mandatory requirements. Thereby falling under the category of being rogue or bad.

How to Spot A Blacklisted Casino Site

  • Unfair Gaming – Blacklisted casinos that are not regulated and safe will not offer fair gaming because they are not adequately monitored.
  • Casino Bonus Forgery – Advertise casino bonuses that are not really what the actual bonus offers.
  • Bad Customer Service – When your issues or queries are not attended to, or the customer team takes long to respond to your queries and questions.
  • Untrustworthy Software – Blacklisted Casinos will use software that is not licensed and tested for fair gaming and gaming experience.
  • Compromised Privacy – The casinos that are on the blacklist will sell your information to third parties without your consent.
  • Lack of Winning Payouts – The blacklisted casino will take a long time to process your claims and, in some cases, will end up not giving you your winnings.

List of Blacklisted Casinos in 2019

  • 21 Dukes Casino – Payment Difficulties
  • 50 Starts – Payment Difficulties
  • Amco Casino – Rigged Gaming
  • Aztec Casino – Rigged Gaming
  • 1×2 Gaming – False Advertising
  • Casino States – False Advertising
  • Plum Gaming – Poor Customer Service
  • Triomphe Casino – Poor Customer Service

US casinos on the blacklisted casinos list

Can a Casino Be Removed from the Online Casino Blacklist?

You might find yourself asking if it is possible for a casino site to be removed from the blacklist, and the answer would be yes. It is possible that a rogue casino site can change its ways and become a reputable casino. However, it will take a few years before a blacklisted casino is cleared its name. They will still be monitored to make sure that they stay reputable and not return to the blacklisted online casino list.

Play at the Top Recommended Casinos for US players

It may not be easy to find the top US casino but if you follow our guide for all things online casino, you are sure to be safe and well looked after. Moreover, we only feature casinos that have a good record and have proven to be worthy to be called one of the best.

The casinos that we recommend are safe and regulated by the relevant regulatory commissions. We also have a strict review process that we use to ensure that the casino offers a great gaming experience. So, check out our list of the top-rated casinos in the USA.

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