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Best Betting Systems

Recently updated on December 12th, 2018

Best Betting Systems that Work

Many players view betting systems as the answer to how to guarantee wins when playing gambling games. Players who make use of a betting system can increase their odds of walking away with some winnings.

As betting systems are such an integral part of gambling, we have created a comprehensive guide that will inform players of all they need to know about these systems. This includes:

  1. What they are.
  2. Different types of betting systems.
  3. Whether they work.

Before we start, it’s important to note that there is no completely guaranteed way to win. Betting tactics are meant to help casino players increase winnings and avoid heavy losses. So, never believe anyone who claims they can ensure that you win. It’s illegal and could land you in jail.

So, read on to find out which system best suits your needs.

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What is a Betting System?

Many people tend to confuse the term betting system with strategy. Ultimately, a betting system refers to a fixed set of rules that a player will follow to no end. The aim of such a system is similar to a strategy in that it is to increase your number of wins over a long period. They’re purposely easy to follow as to make it easy for players to remember. Although all betting methods are designed with the aim of helping players win more cash, no method is guaranteed to work. We go through the different types of betting strategies available to players down below.

Types of Betting Strategies

Currently, there are three types of betting practices available to players. They are the following:

  • Negative System – players increase their bet every time they lose with the aim of recovering losses. The negative betting system can be rather risky and requires that players have a large bankroll to work.
  • Positive Betting Tactic – players increase their bet when they win.
  • Insurance Strategy – the opposite of the positive system. Players decrease their bet every time they incur a loss.
Best Betting Systems

Which Games Use Betting Systems?

When people think of gambling systems, the first game that comes to mind is often roulette. There have been so many different betting systems designed for the game that it is almost impossible to keep count. Some of the most popular include the Paroli, the Revere D’Alembert, the Hollandish, the Martingale and the Fibonacci system, among others. While many systems are built with a specific game in mind, they can be applied to others with some success.

Other than roulette, betting strategies are often used with the following table games:

  • Craps
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat

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Do Betting Strategies Work?

Making use of a good betting system can increase a player’s odds. That stated, there is no such thing as a guaranteed, winning system. There will always be some element of chance within casino games that players cannot get around. Playing with a system just works at improving your chances of winning. If there was a fool proof system or strategy, there would be no casinos as they’d already been made bankrupt by a few sly players.