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Best Casino Cheating Tips – Cheating A Casino Online

rivernilecasin | December 11, 2018 | Updated on: October 15th, 2020

cheating casinos onlineGone are the days where you could simply find ways around the system and cheat a casino. The tendency to cheat might still be popular at land-based casinos. However, cheating an online casino is impossible.

While there may be chancers that remain confident in their skills to get one over the casino, it is not worth it. Nowadays, petty attempts at tricking the dealer end up with the involvement of police enforcement. There is also a casino cheaters list that gets distributed to other gambling sites to make them aware of the perpetrators.

In today’s world, cheating a casino has become next to impossible. Online casino software is incredibly difficult to hack, while land-based casinos have plenty of security to protect the casino.

Here’s a list of the most secure casinos we like:

Safest Casino Websites

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Casino Cheating Devices of Old

The likelihood of players getting away with some of the tricks that casino cheating players pulled in the past is less to none. The most common type of cheating is done on casino card games. When players could hide their cards and simply swap them with the winning combination.

These card tricks would be missed by the naked eye, especially when executed with finesse. Other players would typically use dice that have been manipulated. The brick-and-mortar casinos have since made their cards and dice bear special insignia to identify them from the fake.

The only type of cheating that is still prevalent in this day and age is gambling with the help of the casino dealer. Casino establishments discourage this kind of behaviour by including camera surveillance across the gambling establishment.

However, there has been a number of disgruntled employees that have helped people cheat. The most recent case involved a casino floor employee handing players chips to jam slots to keep spinning continuously. But eventually, they got caught.

Cheating A Casino

What Happens if You Get Caught Cheating in a Casino?

Most countries have laws against cheating, because it’s illegal. The punishment is always given in relation to the crime done, however, time served and penalties will be included. With the amount of money that is spent on security nowadays, it is highly doubtful that even if you get away, they won’t find you. When you play online, whether using a mobile phone or computer desktop, your IP address is recorded. This is also why so casinos request identity documents to verify a player’s real identity.

Cheating a Casino Online

It is difficult to hack the casino software without the help of someone involved in the development of the security technology. Players that had cheat codes for slot machines used them at land-based casinos, however, casinos have installed malware detectors to avoid any tampering with the games.

We recommend you think twice before you sign up for a casino website with the intention of cheating. Instead, try playing the games we recommend with high payout percentage.

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