A Brief History of Gambling

It’s no secret that people love to gamble. Whether it’s a slot machine, roulette, or the lottery, many adults enjoy spending a bit of money on gambling. But, how exactly did our love of games of chance come to be? River Nile Casino has put together a quick look at the history of gambling. However, the exact details about the very beginnings of gambling are unknown, and the subject as a whole could take many pages to cover. So, we have a very brief overview of the history as we understand it today.

Guide to the history of gambling

History of Gambling – The Beginning

It is highly unlikely that we will ever know exactly when, how, and where the first gambling started. It is entirely likely that it happened between some of our oldest ancestors wagering on who would collect the most berries, or hunt the largest animal that day. But when it comes to the earliest recordings of gambling, we know that it happened in Ancient Egypt and China. Egypt had a game, which was similar to Backgammon, known as Senet.

Interestingly, this game is still played today. As for the Chinese, they played games like Keno and are known to have used gambling to help fund state projects and wars. One of these projects just so happens to be the Great Wall of China.

European Gambling Games

While China and Egypt may have the earliest records of gambling, most of the games we all associate with casinos today started in Europe. Roulette, for example, was invented by a French physicist in the late 1700s. Craps can be traced back to England and a game called Hazard. This game became popular during the Crusades and was quite a bit more complex than Craps. It was the French who brought the game to the Americas and simplified it into the game we know today.

Blackjack and Baccarat also came from Europe and appeared around the same time. Baccarat is thought to have come from Italy, while the history of Blackjack is a bit more complicated and debated. Some think it comes from France, while others believe its true origins lie in Spain. As for slots, they were invented in the 1890s by an American named Charles Fey.

The Birth of Online Gambling

Online gambling is obviously the newest in terms of the history of gambling. The first online casinos started appearing in the 1990s and have grown in popularity ever since. Once people started to gamble online, more and more casino sites opened up.

One of the most challenging aspects about the beginning of online casinos was convincing people that they were fair and genuine. This is something that still seems to be difficult today, as many people do not trust online casino sites.

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