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Gambling Superstitions – Weirdest Beliefs from Real Players

Recently updated on December 29th, 2020

Gambling SuperstitionsGambling and superstitions sometimes work hand-in-hand.  As with anything based on luck, there are plenty of gambling superstitions that surround popular casino games.

Some of our superstitions might make you laugh. You don’t need any lucky charms to win real money at any of these great online casinos!

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Popular and Funny Gambling Superstitions

Throughout the years, the superstitions below (despite some seeming very odd) have come to dominate the gambling world. From never saying seven to having your own mojo bag, what more can you do?

Some of these gambling superstitions are focused on particular casino games, whereas others are somewhat more general in nature. If you’ve had enough bad luck in gambling, you can improve your luck while playing popular casino games.

Maybe you’re asking yourself, why am I so unlucky in gambling? Then, here’s your chance to get lucky with gambling superstitions. Regular players might be familiar with some of the good luck charms for gambling.

These gambling superstitions outlined below have become extremely famous throughout casinos across the world. Some are odd; some might be familiar. But they’re all said to affect a player’s good fortune.

Leave Your Dog at Home

Some gamblers believe that it is bad luck to have your cute doggo around while placing a bet. Why exactly some gamblers believe this is unknown, but better safe than sorry, right?

Never Say Seven – Craps Gambling Superstition

Avid craps players never say seven out loud as part of this superstition. This is because they believe that they may jinx themselves from seeing the number come up.

Get a Mojo Bag

This gambling superstition is homegrown, having originated in 19th century New Orleans. Basically, a mojo bag is a flannel sack filled with lucky objects and herbs. If your mojo bag is filled with the right combination, you’ll never lose!

Spot your Lucky Hunchback

This is another weird gambling superstition with no known origin. For some reason, you should count your lucky stars when if you see a hunchback before gambling as you may be about to go on a winning streak.

Enlist Some Virgins – Weirdest Gambling Superstition

Now before we get off on the wrong track, this gambling superstition is craps-related. At the same time, the term “virgin” refers to somebody who has never played craps. Essentially, it is good luck to play with a woman who has never played craps before. But it’s bad luck to play craps with a man who has never played craps before.

Always Play with the Same Dice

Players who believe in gambling superstitions feel that they must play dice games with the same dice pair to ensure that their luck keeps going. This superstition is more applicable to land-based casinos where a pair of dice can fly off a table.

Never use a Casino Main Entrance.

Some gamblers believe that using the main entrance of a casino is intrinsically unlucky. Thus, they will avoid it at all costs thanks to this gambling superstition.

craps dice used for gambling superstions

Gambling Superstitions in Short

There are so many different gambling superstitions throughout the casino industry. While many players may not really believe in luck, if you feel a specific charm or using the same pair of dice may help your chances, why not follow through with it? You never know; the RNG system may favor you that day!

So, increase your chances of winning with one of these great guides! Just don’t fall for gambler’s conceit.

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